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Peter Kornbluh ...

Nicaragua visit

When the $14 million aid package for the contras came up in spring 1985, Congress initially voted it down. Many congressmen said that, besides the PACCA report, reports of human rights violations had influenced them. . .Just forty-eight hours before the vote, Sens. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) traveled to Nicaragua. Their celebrated meetings with Sandinista junta leaders, which captured the headlines and helped sway Congress, were arranged by Peter Kornbluh, a fellow at Institute for Policy Studies. Within a week the Sandinista president, Daniel Ortega, flew to Moscow and secured $200 million in Soviet aid. Shocked and embarrassed, Congress reversed gears and granted $27 million in humanitarian aid to the contras. [1]

Institute for Policy Studies

In 1993 Peter Kornbluh was listed among "former fellows, project co-ordinators and staff" of the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC.[2]

Letelier-Moffitt selection panel

The Institute for Policy Studies' 33rd Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards, were awarded, Thursday, October 15, 2009.

Members of the selection panel were;[3]


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