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The Midwest Academy is a training organization that works to advance "movements for progressive social change by teaching strategic, rigorous, results-oriented approach to social action and organization building. The Academy provides training (introductory and advanced) and consulting" for organizers, leaders, and their organizations.

Heather Booth is a founder. It is an affiliate of USAction.[1]

Board of directors


The 2009 Midwest Academy board of directors consisted of[2];


In 2014, the Midwest Academy board consisted of;

DSA influence

According a December 1998 Freedom Road Socialist Organization document[4];

Probably the most well-known organizing method is Alinskyism, named after Saul Alinsky, a Chicago-born community organizer who helped set up the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council and later the Industrial Areas Foundation in the 1930s.(Today in New York Alinskyism can be found in groups that do neighborhood-based organizing like ACORN, Mothers on the Move, TICO as well as NYPIRG). The Mid-West Academy is a training center set up by members of DSA that draws heavily from Alinskyism.

Earlier activities of the Midwest Academy by year

  • 1985

The following article about the leftist Midwest Academy appeared in the Sept. 23, 1985 edition (Issue #367) of The American Sentinel newsletter which described itself as "Your Inside Report on National Defense, Foreign Affairs and Internal Security".

"The leftist Midwest Academy in Chicago recently brought together over 1,000 liberals and leftist activists for a conference, whoe theme was: "Building Democratic Populism." The Midwest Academy is a school set up by former members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the far-left activist group. The Academy's leaders have included Heather Booth, wife of former SDS leader Paul Booth."

Groups Attending the Conference Included:

Speakers at the Conference Included:

Planning to Take Over Local Governments: "Conference participants planned a national agenda that supported an 'anti-arms race' defense policy (translation: unilateral disarmament) and an 'anti-intervention' foreign policy (translation: complete American isolationism in the face of Soviet Imperialism)."

"Conference goers discussed methods of taking over local governments, and penetrating government agencies, as they have done so already in Burlington, Vt., Berkeley and Oakland, Calif., and Detroit, Mich."

2013 Awards

Midwest Academy Awards, December 2013, went to;[5]

Midwest Academy 2014 Awards

Midwest Academy Awards, December 2014, went to;[6]

2014 Awards

2014 Gala Host Committee, for December 10 Midwest Academy Awards Ceremony;

2016 awards

Midwest Academy December 12, 2016.

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT until the Midwest Academy Awards in Washington DC! Help us honor Joel Silberman, Janice Fine, Wade Henderson, and Mary Kay Henry for all the amazing progressive work they have been working to accomplish for years![8]

2018 Supervisors of Organizers Workshop


From the Midwest Academy 2018 Supervisors of Organizers Workshop. With Karen Master, Shawn Phetteplace, Vicente Garcia, Ted Terry.

Class of March 2017

Midwest Academy March 16, 2017.


Presenting the Midwest Academy Class of March 2017 in Sierra Madre, California! — with Judy Hertz, Jasmin Zafra, Abdul-Basit Haqq, Sandra Rodriguez, Cesar Miguel Vega Magallon, Eduardo Torres, Devon J. Crawford, Brenda Villanueva, Kweli Kitwana, Tim Hoang, Ed Washatka, Roshann P, Cassidy Jones, Anthony L. Davis, Anthony Mitchell, Maggie Acuna and Tanisha M. Amilcar.

2017 alumni

Midwest Academy, August 18, 2017 ·

Our Chicago August 2017 Alum are fired up!! — with Andrea Guadalupe Leon, Rocio Maryvel García Almazan, Sara Kille, Denisse Orozco, Maartje Eigeman, Erin Moore, A. Garcia Rayburn, Monica Gurmilan and Madeline Suggs.

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