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Max Lane

Max Lane

"Links - a journal of international socialist renewal"

In 1994, the Editorial Board of Links, a "journal of international socialist renewal" produced and sponsored by the Australian Democratic Socialist Party, included;

Asia Pacific Institute for Democratisation and Development

During the 1998 Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, the interim council of the Asia Pacific Institute for Democratisation and Development met and confirmed its membership.

The members are Syed Husin Ali (PRM, Malaysia), Nico Warouw (PRD, Indonesia), Renato Constantino, Jr. (Sanlakas, Philippines), Dr Francisco Nemenzo (BISIG, Philippines), Ana Maria Nemenzo (WomenHealth, Philippines), Max Lane (DSP, Australia), Dr Helen Jarvis (DSP, Australia) and Dr Sunil Ratnapriya (NSSP, Sri Lanka).

The council met again immediately after the conference and resolved to quickly expand the institute's membership. Representatives from Thailand, India and Pakistan attended and will be invited to join the council.

An interim council was formed to establish the institute. The provisional aims were agreed as:

1. To promote research and disseminate ideas on how to ensure socially just and environmentally sustainable development, as well as real democracy.

2. To facilitate dialogue and cooperation between the academic community, the NGO community and people's movements, such as political parties, trade unions and campaign committees.[1]