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KeyWiki has information on Left Forum conferences held in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 The Left Forum is the new name for the Socialist Scholars Conference.

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Template:TOCnestleft Left Forum 2011 took place March 18 - 20 at Pace University, New York City. The theme for the conference is "Towards a Politics of Solidarity".

Opening Plenary

The following spoke at the opening plenary for the Forum:[1]


The following panels are scheduled to be held at the 2011 Forum:[2]

Capital’s War on Labor, Labor’s Civil Wars:

Sponsored by: Haymarket Books; Labor Notes; Monthly Review Press; National Union of Healthcare Workers

Solidarity Economy: Toward a Pluralist Socialist, Anti-capitalist, Post-capitalist unity?:

A Federal Jobs Program: A Green Jobs Program, What Shall We Demand:

A History of Struggle: Afghan Women:

A Marxist-Humanist Concept of Solidarity, The Movement From Practice is Itself a Form of Theory:

Sponsored by: News & Letters

A New Cold War? US Strategy towards China and the Asia-Pacific:

A United Front Against the Right:

Abrupt Climate Change as the Long Emergency; Left Responses to the Energy,Food And Water Crises:

Sponsored by: Logos Journal

Accumulation by dispossession and the politics of post-socialist solidarity:

Actually Existing Socialism, in U.S. History:

Sponsored by: Verso Books

Aesthetics in Protests:

Afghanistan and Labor's Agenda:

Afghanistan, Pakistan and India: The Regional Context of Obama's War:

Africa's Re-colonization - Strategies for Africa and the U.S. left:

Sponsored by: Global Information Network/SaharaReporters

Africana Studies: Which Way Forward, Marxism or Afrocentricity?:

Sponsored by: Socialism and Democracy

After Multiculturalism:

Sponsored by: Verso Books and The Asian American Writers' Workshop

Against Capitalism and Imperialism:

Against Racism and White Privilege:

Alter-Globalization: Becoming an Actor in the Global Age:

An “Ethnography” of The US Congress:

Sponsored by: The Brooklyn Rail

Anarchism and Its Aspirations: Discussing Social Anarchism in the Current Moment:

Another Power Shift? Europe:

Sponsored by: Transform

Art and the City – You are not alone!:

Art as a Weapon in Western Sahara: New Strategies in the Fight for Independence:

Sponsored by: Autonomedia

Assault on Public Sector Unions: Resisting Anti-worker State Initiatives and Cuts to Labor and Working Class Programs:

Austerity, Security and Resistance:

Sponsored by: Red Quill Books

Badiou's Event: Who's afraid of Fidelity and Truth, Difference or Sameness, Solidarity or Selfishness?:

Sponsored by: Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination

Barbarians at the Gate: Columbia University's Land Grab in Harlem:

Being a Black Lesbian in American, A Discussion of How “THE LIFE” Has Changed!:

Sponsored by: Black Lesbian Matters

Beyond Solidarity: The Need and Promise of International Unionism:

Black Liberation Theory: Towards Praxis & Solidarity:

Sponsored by: The Brotherwise Dispatch

Breaking the Iron Law: Leftists, Electoral Politics, and The Reform/Revolution Debate:

Breaking the Seige on Gaza, How Solidarity is Overcoming State Terror:

Building a Left Formation in the USA:

Building a Left Movement for 21st Century Higher Education:

Building a New Priorities Network to Move the Money:

Building from the Local to the Global: Building Toward a Thoroughly Transformative Third Reconstruction:

Building Resistance in NYC to the Neoliberal Restructuring of Public Education:

Sponsored by: The Indypendent

Building Solidarity through Community Power: Community-Labor Coalitions:

Building Solidarity Through Theatre:

Building the Socialist Alternative: History, Theory and Radical Imagination:

Sponsored by: Review of Radical Political Economics/Science & Society

Can Capitalism Be Good for Women?:

Can Spiritual Progressive Traditions Help Left Politics?:

Capital and Its Discontents: Routes Out of the Crisis for Them and for Us:

Sponsored by: PM Press

Capitalism and Criminalization: The Perpetuation of Human Suffering:

Capitalism and Education: A Marxist discourse on what we're fighting against and what we're fighting for:

Sponsored by: International Socialist Review

Capitalism, Climate Change and Social Conflicts:

Capitalism’s Terminal Crisis I: Economic Causes, Ecological Consequences, Radical Responses:

Sponsored by: Praxis

Case Studies of Successful Multiracial Campaigns Rooted in the Working Class:

Catastrophism and the Crisis of the Left:

Sponsored by: Retort

Causes and Cures of Unemployment:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics

Challenges in Palestine Solidarity Work in Canada:

Challenging Islamophobia and Racism:

Sponsored by: Women Against Islamophobia and Racism

Changing the Relationships to Land:

China and International Left Solidarity:

China and Marxism: Theory and Practice in Transition:

China's Auto Strike Wave; Perspectives on Class Struggle:

Class War is Back in Business: political economic rationale for crazy class policies:

Sponsored by: Critique

Climate Change and War: A Corporate-Military Complex Beyond Eisenhower's Imagination:

Combating Corporate Control of Health - The Bottom Line or Your Life (part 1):

  • Celia Quinn, MD, MPH, Residency Program in Social Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center
  • Josh Freeman, MD, Kansas University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine
  • Martin Donohoe, Portland State University
  • Matthew Anderson, Montefiore Medical Center, MPH, Residency Program in Social Medicine

Combating Corporate Control of Health - The Bottom Line or Your Life (part 2):

Communication and Solidarity:

Community Organizing: Building Solidarity, Addressing Contradictions:

Consumer Solidarity for Food Workers & Growers:

Contested Forms of Protest and Struggle and the Neoliberal World Order:

Cornerstones of a New Left Formation in the US:

Countering Dominant Narratives of 'Liberation' (in a revolutionary way):

Sponsored by: Cultural Logic: an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice

Creating a Fair Food System: Solidarity Between Farmers and Farmworkers:

Creating Leverage: Non-Electoral Strategies for Change in the Obama Era:

Crisis, Change & Resistance in Ireland Today:

Sponsored by: SocialistWorker.org

Critical Issues for Marxist Feminists Today:

Cuba Update:

Sponsored by: Socialism and Democracy

Debating Alain Badiou’s “Politics of Emancipation”, An Exchange on Communism and the Historical Moment:

Defending the Public Square: Public Education and Teacher Unions Under Attack:

Degrowth and Socialism: Is anti-growth anti-capitalist?:

Democratic and Participatory Economics:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)

Democratic Distortions - Money, Propaganda, Electoral Manipulation and Disenfranchisement:

Developing Capitalist Countries and Sustainability:

Disability + Justice: Creating Interdependent Social Movements:

Disarmament work amidst a global crisis:

Do Progressive Religious Traditions Matter In the Politics Of War, Law, Education, And Medicine:

Does Marxism have Gender Trouble?:

Don't Take the Bait: The Left and Crisis A Social Text Roundtable:

Sponsored by: Social Text

Dreaming the Revolution & Winning the World We Want: An Open Form on Rebuilding the Left:

Drone Wars:

Ecological and Economic Crises: Making Linkages:

Sponsored by: Capitalism Nature Socialism and Human Geography: A New Radical Journal

Ecstatic Pedagogy inside the Classroom and Out:

Sponsored by: Rethinking Marxism

Electoral Politics in the Age of Obama - Can the Democratic Party be Reformed?:

Empathy vs. Solidarity in the Literature and Politics of the Global South:

Engaging Youths & Coummunity in Dialogue: Our Roles in Cultivating Global Peace?:

Environmental Studies as Radical Ecology: Population, Energy, Climate Change, and Sustainability in the Context of University Education:

Ethical Socialism?:

Ethnic relations in China:

Europe's Left in Motion:

Sponsored by: Transform

Excluded Workers: Building a Labor Movement for the Twenty-First Century:

Eyewitness to the Egyptian Uprising: Revolutionary Processes? …and the Future of the Arab World?:

Sponsored by: International Socialist Review

Facing the New MacCarthyism: Organizing to Fight the Islamophobic Right:

Factory Occupations and Worker Control:

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Anthems of Resistance:

Sponsored by: Deep Dish TV

Feminist Marxism in Theory and Practice:

Fighting for a Free Society: Analysis, Vision, & Strategy to Confront the Totality of Oppression:

Fighting Fracking with Art:

Film as an organizing tool:

Film: The Inconvenient Truth About 'Waiting for Superman':

Financialization & Jobless Recovery:

Food Chain Worker Solidarity:

Food Movements in the City:

Sponsored by: Dissent

Forbidden Fruit: The Role of Spirituality in the Left:

Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoners:

Freedom and Democracy: Bringing Africa Back into the Discourse of Modernity:

From Bank Bailout to Fiscal Austerity: Organizing to Fight the Budget Cuts:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics

From Caring for the Poor to Luxury Care - Narrowing the Worldwide Spectrum of Health Care:

From Fear City to Billionaires Playground: the transformation of New York City:

Sponsored by: The Brooklyn Rail

From Financial Bailouts and Austerity Policies to Progressive Action: Linking Popular Protest and Political Change in Europe and the U.S.:

From Silence to Solidarity: Unpacking the Silence and How to Break It:

From the Bush Regime's "War on Terror" to Obama's "Overseas Contingency Operation" – Why We Resist:

Gaza: Neoliberalism, Corporate Media , Human Rights & Activism:

Gender and the Economic Crisis:

Gender Relations in China:

  • Clara To, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Helen Wu, University of Toronto
  • Li Qin, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
  • Shen Tingting, Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action
  • Vincent Ho, History Department, University of Macau

Global Imbalances and the Great Recession:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)

Global Warming and Economic Cooling: Causes and Fight-back Strategies:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics

Going Forward: A Revolutionary Perspective on Ethnic Studies:

Going into Debt: A Collective Presentation by the Yale Working Group on Globalization and Culture:

Harvesting Justice: Solidarity in Transforming the Food System:

Helping Haiti rebuild with dignity, sovereignty and justice:

Hillbilly Nationalists, Revolutionary Greasers, and Black Power: > Organizing Poor Whites in the New Left:

Honoring and Engaging Aronowitz: Rethinking Labor and the Labor movement:

Honoring and Engaging Aronowtiz: Remaking the Knowledge Factory:

How 'The Declining Significance of Race' Helped to Hide Internal Colonialism in Plain Sight:

  • Arthur Paris, Syracuse University
  • Charles Pinderhughes, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Rod Bush, Author, The End of White World Supremacy: Black Internationalism and the Problem of the Color Line

How do we fight neoliberal austerity:

Sponsored by: Labor Notes

How Do We Shift the Black Revolutionary Center Back to the Youth:

How the Exception Became the Rule: The American Middle Class:

How to Achieve Solidarity in the Electoral Arena - A Debate:

Howard Zinn: Toward a Politics of Solidarity Within the Academy and Among the Citizenry:

Identities, Multiculturalism, and Solidarity:

Imperial Unraveling: The Implosion of US Global Hegemony:

Sponsored by: Black Agenda Report

In Defense of Water: Building the Movement Against Fracking in NY and PA:

Increasingly Boisterous - Making Action More Direct:

India Inc(arcerated): Justice, Jails and Jingoism:

Intelligent Cities: The good, the bad and the ridiculous:

Interconnections between Ecological and Economic Crises and Implications for International Solidarity:

Sponsored by: Capitalism Nature Socialism and Human Geography: A New Radical Journal

International Labor Solidarity:

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Iran: The Current State of Affairs:

Is Fair Trade a Viable Model of Solidarity Economics?:

Sponsored by: URPE

Is Fair Trade a Viable Model of Solidarity Economics?:

Sponsored by: Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)

Is Socialism Possible?:

Sponsored by: Marxist-Humanist Initiative

Is Socialism Possible? Part 2:

Sponsored by: Marxist-Humanist Initiative

Is the Rosenberg Case Closed? If So, What Does it Mean, and Why Won’t the Right Accept the Truth?:

Jewish solidarity with the Palestinian struggle:

Jobless Recovery, the Intractability of the Capitalist Crisis, and Prospects for Fightback:

Labor relations in China:

  • Gao Xinjun, Central Translation and Compilation Bureau
  • Guo Zhengyang, School of Political Science and Public Management, Shanxi Unviversity
  • Qingwen Xu, Graduate School of Social Work, Boston College
  • Zhidong Hao, University of Macau

Latin America after the Neoliberal Debacle:

Sponsored by: Critical Sociology

Laughing Left: Spreading The Word With F-bombs, Oily Mermaids and Clowns On Bikes:

Leadership and The Limits of Demands: The 2010 Daniel Singer Millennium Prize:

  • Kim Moody, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Sheila Cohen, Work and Employment Research Unit, University of Hertfordshire
  • Suzi Weissman, Saint Mary's College of California, Critique

Learning from the Tea Party:

Sponsored by: The Indypendent

Left Movements in Contemporary India-I:

Sponsored by: Sanhati

Left Movements in Contemporary India-II:

Sponsored by: Sanhati

Left Strategies to Exit the Crisis?:

Sponsored by: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Lenin’s Marxism:

Lessons From the Third-Party Campaign Taill: What’s It Like To Be A Green, WFP, or Vermont Progressive Party Candidate:

Sponsored by: Working USA

Lethal Injustice: Standing Against the Death Penalty, and Harsh Punishment:

Locating the Left: The spaces and scales of meaningful politics today:

Lukács's Marxism:

Marked for Life: the social outcast in capitalist society; origins and resistance:

Marx and Engels's Marxism:

Sponsored by: The Platypus Review

Marx and Human Nature:

Sponsored by: Science & Society

Marx for Today. Part I: Re-reading Marx in 2010:

Sponsored by: Socialism and Democracy

Marx for Today. Part II: Marx’s Global Reception Today:

Sponsored by: Socialism and Democracy

Marxist Scholarship and Social Transformation: Science & Society at 75 Years, Celebration and Re-Commitment:

Sponsored by: Science & Society

Mobilizing American Youth in the Classroom, at the Workplace, in the Community in an Era of Demoralization and Demobilization:

Movement, generation and moments of excess:

New Labor Formations and the Post Neo Liberal Imaginary: Fifteen Years of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance:

New strategies for building working class power in the age of neoliberalism: The Vermont Workers’ Center and the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign:

New York’s Health Systems: Change Without Transformation?:

No Fracking Way! Resisting Shale Gas Extraction - the Next Fossil Fuel Industry Assault:

Sponsored by: Capitalism Nature Socialism

North of the Border: Organizing migrant workers in Canada:

Nuclear Relapse:

Obama's Imperial Policy in the Middle East and South Asia:

Sponsored by: United National Antiwar Committee

Occupation, Resistance and International Solidarity in Kashmir and Palestine:

One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel:

Organizing for a Participatory Society:

Sponsored by: ZNet

Organizing the Unemployed:

Sponsored by: Working USA

Out of the Clinic and Into the World: Creating Activist Health Care Professionals for the 21st Century:

Palestine Solidarity and the Global Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Movement:

Pass the Dream Act: How the student immigrant youth is leading the immigration debate:

People of Color and Independent Left Politics:

Sponsored by: Green Party USA

Peoples Movements in Iran: Looking Back and Moving Forward:

Perspectives for the Revolutionary Left in North America:

Political Cartoons: Resistance Through Ridicule:

Political Crisis and Class Struggle in Europe:

Political Documentary Film - What is it good for?:

Sponsored by: The Brooklyn Rail

Post-Crisis Global Dynamics: As The Dust Clears, Then What?:

Post-Financial Crisis: Neoliberalism and the Global Economic Recovery:

Power and Politics in Latin America:

Sponsored by: Socialism & Democracy/Brecht Forum

Programs forLeft Rejuvenation:

Sponsored by: Rethinking Marxism

Progressive Housing Movements-Organizing, Compromising, Rights and Scale:

Public Health Needs Revolutionary Analysis and Strategy:

Puerto Rico Can't Wait to be Free:

Puerto Rico: Colonialism & the Struggle Against the Privatization of Education:

Sponsored by: Puerto Rico Solidarity Network

Putting the Public Back Into Public Education:

Sponsored by: Green Party USA

Racism and resistance in the immigration debate:

Radical Cartography: Are We There Yet?:

Sponsored by: Deep Dish Television Network

Reading the Bible from the Left: St. Paul the Community Organizer:

Rebellion & Self-Organization in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and the Eastern Mediterranean:

Sponsored by: ZNet

Redefining “Winning” as Winning: Running Locally, Getting Elected, and Why electoral success should matter more to the left:

Renewing Working Class Struggles in the City: The Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly:

Resisting the War Abroad and the War at Home:

Sponsored by: United National Antiwar Committee

Rethinking the Contemporary Form of Capitalism: The Cases of North America, the EU, South Korea, and Venezuela:

Revolution and Evolution in the Twenty First Century: Personal and Political Transformation:

Roundtable: The Anticapitalist Left in the World Today:

Science for the People: Empowerment through Science Literacy:

Sharing a Cutlure for the US Left:

Sponsored by: Activist Poets' Roundtable

Ships of Death: Protecting the Italian Environment from State/Mafia Devastation:

Singing is Political:

Sisterhood Across the Globe: The Anti-Imperialist Women’s Movement:

Social movements and Civil activism in China:

Socialism and Critical Theory:

Socialism, Solidarity, and Life-Value:

Socialist Politics versus Lesser Evilism in the Labor, Antiwar, Immigrant Rights, and Climate Crisis Movements:

Sponsored by: Socialist Action

Solidarity Divided: New Models of Labor/Community Organization:

Solidarity Economy: Spain's Mondragon Cooperatives: How They Work, How They Can Help Us Here:

Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance Movement:

Solidarity With the Non-human World: Postcolonial Explorations:

Songwriting, Media, and Culture Building:

Sponsored by: Critical Sociology

Space is the Place 1: Radical Centers for a Radical Movement:

Space is the Place 2: Building Capacities for Social Transformation:

Still in Transition? Debating Developments Since the End of Socialist Yugoslavia:

Surviving the Crisis and Transforming Society:

Sponsored by: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Sustainablity: Solidarity issues (local and general):

Symposium on Social Justice and Criminal Justice for Progressive Reform!:

Syndicalism and New Forms of Worker Organization:

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Tactical Workshop with the Yes Men, Andrew Boyd (other98.com), and other mischief makers:

Taking Back The Teamsters & Telephone Worker Unions: Case Studies in Rank-and-File Insurgency Then and Now:

Sponsored by: Labor Notes; Verso

Teaching Progressive ideas by using Films/Media:

Sponsored by: Rethinking Marxism

Teaching Solidarity and Economics to Construction Workers:

The Artists' Collective: Practical Aspects of Creative Activism:

The Attack on Teacher Unionism and Public Education:

Sponsored by: Against the Current

The Betrayal of Haiti:

Sponsored by: Haiti Liberte and The International Socialist Review

The Bloomberg Mystique:

The Bourgeois Revolution: from Marx's point of view:

The Business of Black Power: Collective Economic Empowerment:

The Challenge of Creating a Culture of Culture on the US Left:

Sponsored by: Activist Poets' Roundtable

The Cold War and Decolonization:

The Crisis and the Middle Class: Right-Wing Populism in the Advanced Capitalist Countries and How to Combat It:

The Crisis This Time:

Sponsored by: Socialist Register

The Crisis, the Fightback,and Solidarity, from Anarchist and Marxist Perspetives:

The End of Whiteness: The History of an Idea:

The Engaged Photographer: From Courage to Creativity:

The Environmental Emergency: A Dialogue and Exchange on Real Solutions:

The Environmental Movement:

The Future of American Liberalism?:

Sponsored by: Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture

The Great Recession and its Aftermath:

Sponsored by: Marxist-Humanist Initiative

The Growing Significance of the Internet: From Human Right to Government Censorship:

The Grundrisse: Another Marx?:

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the U.S., the European Union, Greece, and Venezuela:

The International Civil Observation of Human Rights in Latin America and its Social Dimension:

  • Dr. Dario Azzellini, Working USA, Institute of Sociology at University of Johannes Kepler
  • Dr. Helene Roux, Institute for Study of Economical and Social Development, U. of Paris
  • Dr. Josefina Echavaria, 54 ICA/MA in Peace Studies at Universities of Vienna/Innsbruck
  • Julia Reschauer, Center for Global University Cooperation, Johannes Kepler University
  • Prof. Dr. Raina Zimmering, University of Johannes Kepler, University of Paris

The Left Challenge to the Democratic Party:

The Left Debates the Democratic Party:

Sponsored by: New Politics and Socialist Worker

The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg:

The Living Wage - a UK-US dialogue:

Sponsored by: Living Wage Campaign

The Marxism of Rosa Luxemburg:

The Mountains Tremble: A Reportback from the Revolution in Nepal:

Sponsored by: Kasama Project

The Obama Years: Potential and Peril for American Progressives:

The Politics of Climate Change: From the Neoliberal State to Oppositional Movements:

The Prison-Industrial Complex - Spiritual and Political Transformations from Outside and Inside the Criminal Justice System:

The Resistance Dilemma in Latin America: Relationships Between Social Movements and States:

Sponsored by: Toward Freedom

The Revolution Just *Might* Be Televised:

The Revolutionary Project and Socialism in the 21st century: US Bottom-up Struggles and the US Social Forum:

The Rise of Electronic Voting, the Red Shift and the Question of Election Democracy:

The role of Brazil in Geopolitics Today:

The Scholarship and Activism of Julie Graham: Class Process, Diverse Economies and the Geography of Community Economy:

Sponsored by: Rethinking Marxism

The State of the Financial Sector:

Sponsored by: Dollars & Sense

The Struggle Against Mainstream Economic Ideology:

The Tea Party and the Media:

The Unhappy Marriage of Loneliness and Capitalism:

The Urban Racial State: Managing Race Relation:

The uses of Islamophobia:

The War in Pakistan:

The Wisconsin Uprising & Beyond:

The World Food and Agriculture Crisis:

Sponsored by: Monthly Review

The World Social Forum in Dakar: Towards New Universalisms?:

Sponsored by: Harvard

Theater of the Oppressed in Building and Organizing Communities:

Then and Now: Is the Gay Rights Movement Radical?:

Tous-Ensemble! Making a Unified Fight Against the Attacks, from Europe to the U.S.:

Toward a New Revolutionary Movement:

Sponsored by: Kasama Project

Transformative Organizing: The Ultimate Solidarity:

Transforming Public Higher Education in NYC:

Trotsky's Marxism:

Tunisia and Egypt: culture and resistance:

Sponsored by: The Brooklyn Rail

U.S. Imperialist Wars, Political Prisoners, Past & Present, and the Anti-War Struggle:

Understanding and Responding to the Tea Party Threat:

Sponsored by: Black Agenda Report

United States Social Forum – Detroit 2010:

Uniting Struggles: Medicare for All, Hospitals, and Health Benefits:

Urban space: What Difference does it make for Organizing?:

Utopia, Marxism, and the River of Fire: William Morris and EP Thompson:

Utopia, Psychoanalysis and the Marxist Theory of Human Nature: The conceptualization of solidarity as species being”:

Sponsored by: Permanent Revolution

Venezuela and the Chavez Government: Advances and Shortcomings:

Sponsored by: Venezuelanalysis

What Are Cities Good For?: Gentrification and the Future of Urban Life:

What do Pension Theft, the Assault on Labor, and the Public Sector, and Tax Injustice Mean for Communities of Color:

Sponsored by: Labor Notes

What Is the Work of the Democratic Coalition That Elected Obama:

Sponsored by: Unity & Struggle

What is to be done?:

Sponsored by: Democratic Socialists of America; Religious Caucus
  • Rev. Claudia de la Cruz, Iglesia San Romero United Church of Christ, Washington Heights, NY
  • Rev. Dr. Mark L. Chapman, Hollis Presbyterian Church, Hollis, Queens
  • Rev. Dr. Mark Taylor, Church of the Open Door, Fort Greene, Brooklyn
  • Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Lemuel Haynes Congregational Church, Jamaica, Queens
  • Rev. Theodora Brooks, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, Longwood, South Bronx
  • Rev. Winnie Varghese, St. Mark's in the Bowery, Episcopal Church, Lower Eastside, Manhattan

What We Learned from Wikileaks Revelations:

What's The Matter With Organized Labor Leaders?:

What's Unique about Anarchist Solidarity?:

Winning the Battle of Democracy:

Wither Democracy: Militarization and Neoliberal Development in South Asia:

Worker Control and Factory Occupations, Global South and North:

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Worker Control, Past and Present:

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

Working in (Commercialized) Higher Education:

Sponsored by: Radical Teacher

You Bet Your Life! The Struggle for Real Health Care Reform Continues:

Sponsored by: Physicians for a National Health Program

Youth of Color Organizing in NYC:


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