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Kosta Tsipis

Template:TOCnestleft Kosta Tsipis is a native of Greece, came to the United States in 1954 to study electrical engineering and physics. His research since 1973 has addressed the specific and technical aspects of strategic nuclear weapons, of efforts to limit them, and of the effects of nuclear detonations and nuclear war.[1]

Education and Academics

He has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics from Columbia University. He joined the Physics Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1966 and has been associated with the Institute since that time. He is presently Director of the Program in Science & Technology for International Security, which he co-founded in 1977.[1]


In 1978 Kosta Tsipis served on the Board of Directors of SANE-"A Citizens' Organization for a Sane World".[2]

As at March, 1982, the following served on the Board of Directors of SANE:[3]

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Speakers at other New York City Physicians for Social Responsibility meetings from August 1981 to January 1982 included Michio Kaku, physics department, City College of New York, a frequent MFS rally speaker who links his antinuclear sentiments to the Hiroshima atomic bombing in which members of his family died; H. Jack Geiger, a founding PSR member and president of IPPNW; Barry Commoner, Citizens Party; and Joe Fahey of Pax Christi and the Manhattan College Peace Studies section on the European Nuclear Disarmament movement. Among the featured speakers in national PSR presentations have been Kosta Tsipis; Gene LaRocque, CDI; John Constable; H. Jack Geiger; Howard H. Hiatt.[4]

Council for a Livable World

As at 1982, Kosta Tsipis served as a Director on the board of the Council for a Livable World. The Council was founded in 1962 by nuclear physicist Leo Szilard and other scientists. Its purpose is to campaign against the proliferation of nuclear weapons through lobbying and by supporting candidates who share their vision.[5]

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

As at April 1984, Kosta Tsipis served on the Board of Directors for The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists journal.[6]

Leo Szilard Award

In 1984 Tsipis received the American Physical Society Leo Szilard Award.[1]

Council for a Livable World

Tsipis serves on the Board of Directors of the Council for a Livable World.[1]

Board Involvement

Tsipis has served on the Boards for Peace Research and European Security Studies Institute in Stuttgart. He was the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Greek Institute for International and Strategic Studies.[1]

Scientific Advisory Positions

Tsipis has served as scientific adviser to the Committee for East West Accord, Physicians for Social Responsibility in Boston, the Council on Economic Priorities, the World Council of Churches, Senator John Kerry's Arms Control Committee, the Center for War, Peace and the News Media, and the Greek government. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the New York Academy of Science.[1]


  • New Technologies, Defense Policy, and Arms Control (authored more than 70 scientific papers)



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