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Jobs with Justice is a partner organization[1]of the Institute for Policy Studies.

In 2013 Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Work amalgamated.

National jobs with Justice board of directors

Jobs with Justice board as of 2013[2]

Jobs with Justice board as of 2009[3];

Executive Committee:

Board Members:

The National Jobs with Justice Staff

Allison Fletcher Acosta Communications & Technology Coordinator, Anannya Bhattacharjee International Organizer (India), Chelsea Carr Development Assistant, Naomi Demsas Administrative Assistant, Maria Escobar Student Labor Action Project Coordinator, Treston Davis-Faulkner Field Director, Sarita Gupta Executive Director, Krista Lee Hanson Field Organizer, Carlos Jimenez Young Worker Porject Coordinator, Scarlet Jimenez Operations Coordinator, Laura McSpedon Field Organizer (Northeast), Huy Ong Field Organizer (West), Erica Smiley Field Organizer (South), Francis Tobin Field Organizer (Midwest), Ricardo Valadez Program & Communications Director

State Contracts for Jobs with Justice

  • Florida, Central Florida, Jobs with Justice Organizing Committee, Denise Diaz
  • Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Jobs with Justice, Bob Naiman
  • Massachusetts, Eastern Massachusetts, Jobs with Justicem, Russ Davis
  • Oregon, Central Oregon, Jobs with Justice, Pat Ackley
  • Southern Oregon, Jobs with Justice, Wes Brain
  • Rhode Island, Rhode Island, Jobs with Justice

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