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Template:TOCnestleft Jim Lane is a leader of the Communist Party USA from Texas.[1]

Peoples World personnel

As at December 2010, personnel of the Communist Party USA paper, Peoples World, ;[2]

Editorial Board

Bureau Chiefs and National Contibutors, Juan Lopez (N. Calif.), Rossanna Cambron (S. Calif.), Joelle Fishman (Conn.), John Bachtell (Ill.), John Rummel (Mich.), Tony Pecinovsky (Mo.), Dan Margolis (N.Y.), Rick Nagin (Ohio), Libero Della Piana, Scott Marshall, Elena Mora, Emile Schepers, Jarvis Tyner, Sam Webb

Party internet co-ordinator

Circa late 2009, the Communist Party USA named Jim Lane of Dallas to coordinate people contacting the party from the Internet, but who do not live in an area with a club. [3]

Occupy Dallas

On Nov. 19, CPUSA member Jim Lane participated in Occupy Dallas's first widely-publicized march since the group was evicted from its encampment Nov. 8. He wrote of his experience,[4]

"I walked along with an old salt who, like me, has been protesting on Dallas streets for the last 30 or more years. He told me that it looks like Occupy Dallas and the protest upsurge it generated is about cooked. He told me that their first march, October 6th, had more than 400 people and that, if the people of Dallas truly supported them, we should have had a lot more than that now that the Dallas police, like thieves in the night, arrested 18 of them and evicted them all...
...He told me that most people don't really care that much about the erosion of our fundamental democratic rights, as long as it's only the young protesters losing out and not that noticeable in their own humdrum lives. He told me, in other words, that the protest upsurge in Dallas is on the wane and will soon be over. I told him he was crazy!"