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International Gramsci Society


The International Gramsci Society was founded in October 1989 at the international conference "Gramsci nel mondo" held in Formia, Italy.

The aim of the International Gramsci Society is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information among the very large number of individuals from all over the world who are interested in Antonio Gramsci's life and work and in the presence of his thought in contemporary culture.

In March 1992, IGS published the first issue of the IGS Newsletter, in order to keep members informed about publications, meetings, and other activities relevant to the study and the interpretation of Gramsci. The IGS Newsletter has been published for several years in paper form and mailed to all members of the Society.

In 1998, IGS launched the IGS web site in association with the ItalNet Consortium and the University of Notre Dame, and started publishing the IGS Newsletter in both paper and electronic form.

In early 2002, IGS launched the IGS Listserv and expanded the web site to include more information and to continue their aim of facilitating communication and exchange on the life and work of Antonio Gramsci[1].

International Gramsci Society Conferences

The IGS organizes an international conference every few years. Three conferences have been held thus far in Naples (1997), Rio de Janeiro (2001), and in the cities of Cagliari, Ghilarza, and Ales in Sardinia (2007)[2].

IGS conferences provide the occasion for an extensive examination of the status of Gramsci's influence in contemporary culture, the diversity of Gramscian studies, the various directions in which the interpretations and the uses of Gramsci's ideas and categories have been developing. The conferences have also served another, more practical purpose: they provide IGS members with the opportunity to collectively plan the work of the Society and give its organizational structure a more permanent and solid form.

IGS Coordinating Committee

The IGS Coordinating Committee is composed of a number of individuals who represent various geo-cultural areas and who collaborate with the secretary in gathering and disseminating information of interest to IGS members.

The following members of the IGS Coordinating Committee were approved at the third conference/convention of the International Gramsci Society held in Ghilarza, Sardinia (Italy) on 5 May 2007[3]:

Eric Hobsbawm, Honorary President United Kingdom

Joseph Buttigieg, President United States

Giorgio Baratta, Italy

Carlos Nelson Coutinho, Brazil

Alastair Davidson, Australia

Lea Durante, Italy

Marcus E. Green, Secretary United States

Dora Kanoussi, Mexico

Guido Liguori, Italy

Koichi Ohara, Japan