Hugh B. Hester

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Hugh B. Hester

National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee

As of May 1964, Hugh B. Hester, Brig. General, U.S. Army, Ret., was listed as a sponsor of the Communist Party USA front, National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Operation RAW

During the Labor Day weekend of September 4-7, 1970, Operation RAW ("Rapid American Withdrawal") took place. It was a three day protest march from Morristown, NJ, to Valley Forge State Park by over 200 veterans. It was sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. They were joined by members of Nurses for Peace and other peace groups. Dressed in combat fatigues and carrying toy weapons, the march was designed to dramatize a Vietnam-type search and destroy mission to the Middle America they passed through. Upon entering each town along the march, sweeps were made, prisoners taken and interrogated, property seized and homes cleared with the assistance of previously planted "guerrilla theater" actors portraying civilians. The 86 mile long march culminated in a four hour rally at Valley Forge that over 1,500 people attended. The honorary commander during this event was retired Army Brigadier General Hugh B. Hester. Sponsors included Senators George McGovern and Edmund Muskie, Rep. John Conyers, Paul O'Dwyer, Mark Lane, and Donald Sutherland. Scheduled speakers were John Kerry, Joe Kennedy, Rev. James Bevel, Mark Lane, Jane Fonda, and Sutherland. Congressman Allard Lowenstein, Mike Lerner, and Army First Lt. Louis Font also spoke.[1]

National Council of American-Soviet Friendship

Brig. Gen. Hugh B. Hester - "Distinguished Service Medal, World War 2", was a speaker at the "Rally For Peace and Friendship", Friday, Sept. 16 (?), 1977, in Chicago, sponsored by the congressionally identified CPUSA front, the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship Inc. and its local chapter, the Chicago Council of American-Soviet Friendship.[2].

Source: Notice: Daily World DW, Wed., Sept. 14, 1977, Page 8.


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