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Howard Dean ran for Governor of Vermont as a Democratic candidate in 2004. He used Strategic Consulting Group to campaign. Dean was the 50th Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, serving in office from February 12, 2005 to January 21, 2009.[1]

Working for Dean and Soros

In 2003, Patrick Gaspard was granted leave from SEIU Local 1199 to work as the deputy national field director for the presidential campaign of Howard Dean. After Dean was knocked out of the race, Gaspard became national field director for George Soros’ political action group America Coming Together.

In 2005, Gaspard again took leave from Local 1199 to work for underdog Democrat, Freddy Ferrer, in a landslide loss to Michael Bloomberg.

A year later, when 1199 played a major role in backing Andrew Cuomo, who had challenged Mr. McCall in the 2002 Democratic primary, in his run for Attorney general, Gaspard worked on races in Massachusetts, Maryland and Washington, DC[2].

DSA support

Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean were top priorities for the Democratic Socialists of America in the 2004 elections, according to a report on the 2003 Democratic Socialists of America conference in Detroit:[3]

The business sessions of the Detroit convention were characterized by cooperation, a sense of everyone working together on projects. Most of the discussion dealt with the 2004 presidential election and the urgency of getting George W. Bush out of the White House. While DSA members are working for various Democratic candidates (especially Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich), the general consensus was that our organizational priority must be supporting any reasonable candidate against Bush, while at the same time helping to build a broad progressive coalition that can pressure the next president to address our issues.

Creamer connection

Howard Dean for Governor has been a client of Robert Creamer's Strategic Consulting Group.[4]

WIDF affiliated United States "Regional Workshops"

Circa 2007 these people were members of the US "Regional Workshop" of the former Soviet front Women's International Democratic Federation;[5]

  • LUZ DE LAS NIEVES AYRESS MORENO, Nieves Ayress - nacionalidad chilena

Soros funding

By 2008, Barack Obama was one of only a handful of candidates to get a personal contribution from George Soros. The others include Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), Bob Graham (D-Fla.), John Kerry (D-Mass.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos, and former Vermont governor Howard Dean.[6]

America's Future Now!

Howard Dean

Howard Dean was one of the 148 speakers who addressed the 2010 America's Future Now Conference.[7]

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