Hillary Clinton in High School

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In high school, Hillary was extremely active in extracurricular activities and was a gregarious student. In The First Partner, Joyce Milton says the following about Hillary's high school years:

"Hillary and Betsy Ebeling became part of the in crowd at Maine East, a conservative school even by the standards of the times. Drugs were simply not an issue, and Hillary and her girlfriends didn't drink or smoke. Maine East girls who were feeling rebellious held ear-piercing parties, but Hillary didn't go for that idea, either."

"Once, however, during their senior year, Pullen happened to overhear Hillary talking to some of her friends about how she could increase her chances of winning the DAR award given to the most outstanding girl in the class. Hilary went on to speculate that winning the award would help her get a certain scholarship. Pullen was mildly appalled by this display of ambition, noting, 'The DAR award wasn't something you campaigned for, it was given to the girl who earned it.'"

"[I]n 1964...overcrowding at Maine East High School caused students from her neighborhood to be transferred to Maine South, a brand-new building whose student body included Poles, Slavs and Italians. Hillary would speak of Maine South as a school riven by ethnic rivalries. 'There was a lot of tension because of that,' she recalled. 'Some corridors you couldn't walk down without feeling unsafe, uncomfortable.' Others who attended the school rate this as a considerable exaggeration."