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Glen Ford

Anti Walmart symposium

The Wal-Mart, Race & Gender: Local Controversies, Global Process symposium was held on January 21st 2006 at the University of Chicago. It was an opportunity to put the many-faceted struggle against Wal-Mart—and the nature of the corporation itself—into context.

Organized by the university’s Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture and the Center for Gender Studies, the "symposium drew about 250 people into a mostly sober discussion of the Wal-Mart menace, and the particularities of how it impacts the various groups it seeks to crush or coopt— the kind of conversation that is sorely needed by all who claim to be “movement” people."

Glen Ford and Peter Gamble wrote an article on the event for the February 16, 2006 issue of the Black Commentator (issue number 171). [1]

Obama book

In 2006 the Black Commentator Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble were writing a book to be titled "Barack Obama and the Crisis in Black Leadership".[2]