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Ed Rampell

Template:TOCnestleft Ed Rampell, an L.A.-based film historian/critic was named after CBS' Edward R. Murrow because of his exposes of Sen. Joe McCarthy, and wrote "Progressive Hollywood, A People's Film History of the United States".

He is the father of Auckland based singer Marina Davis.


Rampell majored in cinema at New York's Hunter College. After graduating, he lived in Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii, and Micronesia, where he reported on the nuclear-free and independent Pacific movement for "20/20," Reuters, AP, Radio Australia, Newsweek, etc. He went on to co-write "The Finger" column for New Times L.A. and has written for many other publications, including Variety, Mother Jones,The Nation, Islands, L.A. Times, L.A. Daily News, Written By, The Progressive, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and AlterNet.

Rampell appears in the 2005 Australian documentary "Hula Girls, Imagining Paradise." He co-authored two books on Pacific Island politics, as well as two film histories: "Made In Paradise, Hollywood's Films of Hawaii and the South Seas" and "Pearl Harbor in the Movies." Rampell is the author of "Progressive Hollywood, A People's Film History of the United States." He is a co-founder of the James Agee Cinema Circle and one of L.A.'s most prolific film/theatre/opera reviewers.[1]

Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i

The 1996 book "Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i" by Robert H. Mast and Anne B. Mast, contained a chapter on Hawaii today , with contributions from Gary Gill, Brahim Aoude, Wayson Chow, Ed Rampell.

People's World

In 2011 Rampell began contributing articles to the Communist Party USA's Peoples World.[2]

Peoples world Articles by this author include;

  • "Broken Glass": What it means to be a Jew in America
  • "Islam radicals" hearing recalls Hollywood witchhunt
  • "Black Death": a film about plague, horror, deep thoughts
  • This revolutionary "Cradle" still rocks!
  • Mau Mau, Marx, & Coca Cola: 18th Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival