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Deborah Goldberg

Take Back America America conference

On March 17, 2008, Judith Brown, Regina Eaton, Deborah Goldberg, Ashindi Maxton and State Senator Jamie Raskin spoke in a session "Does Your Vote Count? Fixing A Flawed Election System" at the Take Back America conference in Washington D.C. The description for the session was:

"The right to vote is a foundational principle of our democracy, however, millions of voters in this country are disenfranchised every election cycle. A strong democracy, and a participatory democracy, is essential for realizing the goal of a more inclusive America. Data clearly shows that voters are losing faith in our election system - more than 1 in 5 Americans question whether their vote in the last presidential election was counted fairly. Widespread systemic problems persist, disproportionately affecting certain groups of voters, and contributing to reduced public confidence in the integrity of our elections. This panel will discuss the work that is being done to eliminate barriers to voter participation and to ensure that every vote is counted by implementing proactive reforms at the local, state, and national level."[1]