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Campaign for America's Future was founded in July 1996 as "the strategy center for the progressive movement."[1]

Current Board of Directors

Co-Directors of the Campaign for America's Future

Founding 130

Affiliations shown at founding date[3], July 17, 1996.

Democratic Socialists of America connection

Of the founders listed above John Atlas, Paul Berman, Norman Birnbaum, Julian Bond, Mitchell Cohen, Richard Cloward, William Domhoff, Peter Dreier, Barbara Ehrenreich, Richard Flacks, Adam Hochschild, Michael Kazin, Charles Knight, Peter Laarman, Nelson Lichtenstein, Steve Max, Jay Mazur, Harold Meyerson, Lawrence Mishel, Frances Fox Piven, Frank Riessman, Richard Rorty, Sumner Rosen, Richard Rothstein, Theda Skocpol , Stanley Sheinbaum, Jack Sheinkman, John Sweeney, Michael Walzer, Roger Wilkins and William Julius Wilson, were confirmed members of Democratic Socialists of America or of one of its two predecessors Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee or the New American Movement.

Institute for Policy Studies connection

Of the founders listed above, many have ties to the far left Institute for Policy Studies

Robert L. Borosage is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Policy Studies.[4]

Others with IPS connections include: Gar Alperowitz, Ira Arlook, Ann Beaudry, Norman Birnbaum, Heather Booth, David Carley, John Cavanagh, William Domhoff, Barbara Ehrenreich, Chester Hartman.

Institute for America's Future

IAF Board of Directors

Co-Directors of the Institute for America's Future


Maria Leavey Tribute Award

The fifth annual Maria Leavey Tribute Award was presented at the Take Back the American Dream conference. Leavey, who died in 2006 was:[5]

"an organizer with extraordinary talent, a behind-the-scenes force with an uncanny ability to connect rising young talent with Washington leaders, a tireless advocate who often worked without claiming credit or even compensation."

A Maria Leavey Tribute Award winner is:[5]

  • A Convener who builds connections among diverse members of the progressive movement, cultivating networks of old and new leaders and activists;
  • A Persistent Advocate who overcomes obstacles and marches forward with an enduring commitment and passion for social justice;
  • A Selfless Organizer who works behind the scenes without seeking the limelight or credit for his or her efforts, while lending credit to others; and
  • An Idea Generator who pushes forward creative new ideas, a strong analysis of important issues, or helps build specific new capacities and infrastructure for the progressive movement.

Past winners of the Award are:[6]


The following finalists for the 5th Annual Maria Leavey Tribute Award were selected by a panel of Leavey's former colleagues:[6]

Progessive bridge

Campaign for America's Future leader Robert Borosage boasts of close relationship with top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin.

"I'd say we are the bridge," Borosage said. "We are attuned to the grassroots and in touch with the progressive leadership in Congress."[7]

Defended Voting Rights in Ohio and Georgia

In 2014 PowerPAC+ partnered with national and local groups Color of Change, Campaign for America's Future, the New Georgia Project and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.

We took the fight to protect voting rights from Ohio to Georgia. And thousands of you nationally signed petitions, donated money, and spread the word about our work to make sure we protect the rights of every voter.[8]

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