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Bill Chong

Bill Chong is a New York City activist and government worker. He studied at City College of New York.

Asian Americans For Equal Employment

Bill Chong was a founding member of Asian Americans For Equal Employment.[1]

"Japanese activist Takashi Yanagida was one of the founders. Chinese founders included Margaret Chin, Bill Chong, Yee Ling Poon, and Harold Lui..."

Jackson campaign

In 1984 Bill Chong was head of the Asian American Desk in that year's Jesse Jackson presidential campaign.[2]

Asian-Americans for Jesse Jackson

Bill Chong was in 1984, National vice-chair of Asians for the Jackson Campaign, or Asian-Americans for Jesse for Presient. [3][4]



SURVIVAL FEST 84 was held August 5 1984 in MacArthur Park.

"Come To Hear And Strategize With Those Changing The 1980's"

  • How can we support each other in electing progressive local candidates?
  • How can we make electoral work serve the grassroots movements for a freeze, for U.S. out of Central America and human needs?
  • How can we over turn the racist dual primary system in the South?
  • Is working inside and outside the Democratic Party a viable strategy and how can it be done?
  • How can we formulate demands to revitalize our basic industries without falling into the pitfall of the chauvinist anti-import solution -- letting U.S. finance capital off the hook?

This event was organized by the Communist Workers Party front, the Coalition for a People's Convention. The event was advertised in a half-page notice in the Marxist weekly Guardian, their Book Supplement - Summer 1984, p. 12, and the Communist Workers Party and Federation For Progress were listed as participants.

Speakers included Vice Chair Asian Americans for Jesse Jackson Campaign.

Communist Workers Party

An April 11, 1985 list of was found in the Communist Workers Party papers in the Tamiment Library New York. It included the phrase "membership status" after each name, indicating that it as a CWP membership list.

Those named included Bill Chong.

Housing bureaucrat

A former president of the board, of Asian Americans for Equality, William Chong, later went on to work for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in New York.[5]

In 1987, Bill Chong, was the housing specialist of the New York State Division of Human Rights.[6]

In 1998 Bill Chong, was a special assistant in the New York Department of Housing and Urban Development.[7]

Democratic Party

Bill Chong and Margaret Chin both served on the Board of the National Democratic Council of Asian and Pacific Americans.[8]

Department of Youth and Community Development

In 2010, Bill Chong, was Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.[9]

Asian American Community Development Conference

May 17, 2012, New York University’s Kimmel Center, the 5th Annual Asian American Community Development Conference was convened.

Plenary: Mobilizing Our Community from the Margins to the Center,

This plenary will be an important opportunity for policymakers and community leaders to discuss the changing dynamics of the Asian American community as we move from the margins to the center. Political frameworks and organizing strategies that were effective during times when our communities were geographically and economically isolated may need to be re-evaluated as populations disperse into new neighborhoods and suburban communities. Practitioners from the political, labor, human services, and community development fields will explore both the challenges and opportunities of this changing dynamic and what it will mean for Asian Americans as well as U.S. society in general.

De Blasio appointment

In January 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio made his latest round of appointments, naming half-a-dozen advisers who will oversee community affairs, the Mayor’s Office of Operations and the Department of Youth and Community Development.

Bill Chong, currently a deputy commissioner with the Department for the Aging, will serve as commissioner of the Department of Youth and Community Development, leading the new administration’s efforts to expand after-school programs for middle school kids, Mr. de Blasio said at his first press conference in the Blue Room of City Hall.

Like many of his other picks, the pair worked together in the Dinkins administration, as well as at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton administration.

“We need to keep our young people off the streets and on-task, especially in those critical hours after school lets out but before parents come home from work. This is one of the biggest difference-makers there is, especially during those crucial middle school years. We are going to focus on improving the programs we have, and fighting for Mayor de Blasio’s plan to ensure every middle schooler has a place to go after school,” said DYCD Commissioner Bill Chong.[11]

AAFE 40th Anniversary

Asian Americans for Equality celebrated the Year of the Horse at their 40th Annual Lunar New Year Banquet Thursday, March 13, 2014, at the Jing Fong Restaurant, 20 Elizabeth Street, in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Community leaders recognized with the Dream of Equality Award were:[12]

AAFE 40th Anniversary Gala

Asian Americans for Equality celebrated their 40th Anniversary Gala, November 18, 2014, at Tribeca 360, 10 Debrosses St NYC.

Honored "Agents of Change" included Bill Chong;[13]

A native New Yorker, Bill has more than 25 years’ experience in senior management positions in the nonprofit sector and the City, State and Federal governments. Currently the Commissioner of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), he formerly served as Deputy Commissioner for Program Operations at the NYC Department for the Aging and Deputy Commissioner for Youth Services, overseeing the establishment of afterschool programs, services to runaway and homeless youth, and assistance to neighborhood organizations.
Prior to his City appointments, Bill worked at the Citizens Committee for New York City, providing grants and technical assistance to grassroots organizations, and at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has also served as a Trustee of the Community Service Society and President of Asian Americans for Equality from 1987-1994.


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