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Vince Foster was a lawyer and family friend to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Foster was found dead July 20, 1993.[1]

Voster was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton. Foster graduated from Davidson College and then the University of Arkansas Law School. He worked at the Rose Law Firm with Hillary Clinton.[2]

Relationship with Hillary

Vince Foster grave site

According to a Rose Law Firm secretary, Foster and Hillary acted like "two people in love."[3]

Accounts of the relationship are as follows

  • Whenever Bill would leave town, Foster stayed the night at the governor's mansion.[3]
  • In 1987, Hillary and Foster were reportedly driven by state troopers to a mountain resort to spend time alone.[3]
  • During the last month of Foster's life, he only spoke with Hillary once -- and then, only for a brief moment..[4]

Controversy surrounding his death

On July 20, 1993, Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, with a gun in his hand, indicating a possible suicide. Controversy has swelled around his death, regarding the circumstances. One book, written by Christopher Ruddy, asked a number of questions that he believes went unanswered. Such as:.[5]

  • Why didn't investigators find the bullet that killed Vince Foster?[5]
  • Foster owned two guns but neither was the gun that was in his hand. Who did the gun belong to?[5]
  • Why was there semen on Foster's shorts?[5]
  • Where did Foster go after he left the White House and before his death?[5]
  • Why did the suicide note -- which was torn in 28 pieces -- found without any of Foster's fingerprints?[5]

An April 9, 1995 article in the London Sunday Telegraph alleges that the White House had falsified the time and place of Vince Foster's death.[6]

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