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Trudy Robideau is an Administrative Assistant at the San Diego County Water Authority

DSOC 1981 Convention

At the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee 1981 conference, gay activist Harry Britt was elected Vice Chair, as were Trudy Robideau, Marjorie Phyfe and Rosemary Ruether. Others elected included Mike Rivas, Chair of DSOC's Hispanic Commission and William Winpisinger, head of the Machinists Union.[1],

Memorial to Martin Chancey

In 1981, Grace Doucette, Andy Feenberg, Anne Marie Feenberg, Virginia Franco, Ruth Heifetz, Muriel Jencks, Clint Jencks, Dorie Koppelman, Wally Koppelman, Fred Lonadier, Nick Nichols, Trudy Robideau, Herb Shore, Dave Strom, Jackie Tunberg, Bill Tunberg and Dick Walker signed a memorial to Martin Chancey for his work with the New American Movement.[2]

Democratic Socialists of America founding conference

Trudi Robideau Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee was a moderator of the day one "Unity Session" of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/New American Movement Unity Conference in Detroit March 21/22 1982, that resulted in the formation of Democratic Socialists of America[3].


In 1982, Trudy Robideau was a vice chair of Democratic Socialists of America.[4]


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