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Template:TOCnestleft The Nation is a weekly magazine about politics and culture. It describes itself as "the flagship of the left." The magazine was founded on July 6, 1865. The publication's office is located at 33 Irving Place, New York City.

The Nation exerts a significant influence on America's left-wing movement, setting out themes, arguments and tactical suggestions that often make their way into the left-wing blogosphere and onto the policy agendas of left-wing Democratic officeholders.

The Nation masthead

The Nation personnel as of May 2009 were[1];

Patricia Williams, Gary Younge

Departments: Architecture, Jane Holtz Kay; Corporations, Robert Sherrill; Defense, Michael Klare; Environment, Mark Hertsgaard; Films, Stuart Klawans; Legal Affairs, David Cole; Net Movement, Ari Melber; Peace and Disarmament, Jonathan Schell; Poetry, Peter Gizzi; Sex, JoAnn Wypijewski; Sports, Dave Zirin; United Nations, BarbaraCrossette; Deadline Poet, Calvin Trillin

Contributing editors: Kai Bird, Robert Borosage, Stephen F. Cohen, Marc Cooper, Arthur Danto, Mike Davis, Slavenka Drakulic´, Robert Dreyfuss, Susan Faludi, Thomas Ferguson, Doug Henwood, Max Holland, Michael Moore, Christian Parenti, Richard Pollak, Joel Rogers, Karen Rothmyer, Robert Scheer, Herman Schwartz, Bruce Shapiro, Edward Sorel, Gore Vidal, Jon Wiener, Amy Wilentz, Art Winslow

Contributing writers: Ari Berman, Lakshmi Chaudhry, William Deresiewicz, Liza Featherstone, Bob Moser, Eyal Press, Scott Sherman

Bureaus: London, Maria Margaronis, D D Guttenplan; Southern Africa, Mark Gevisser

Editorial board: Deepak Bhargava, Norman Birnbaum, Barbara Ehrenreich, Richard Falk, Frances FitzGerald, Eric Foner, Philip Green, Lani Guinier, Tom Hayden, Tony Kushner, Elinor Langer, Deborah Meier, Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, Victor Navasky, Pedro Antonio Noguera, Richard Parker, Michael Pertschuk, Elizabeth Pochoda, Marcus Raskin, Kristina Rizga, Andrea Batista Schlesinger, David Weir, Roger Wilkins

Associate publisher, Special projects/website: Peter Rothberg

Associate publisher: Peggy Randall

Nation associate manager: Joliange Wright

Academic liaison: Charles Bittner

Publisher emeritus: Victor Navasky

IPS relationship

The Nation has enjoyed a long and deep relationship with the Institute for Policy Studies and its fellows. Marcus Raskin and Roger Wilkins have served for many years on The Nation's editorial board, "helping to guide our reporting", with Barbara Ehrenreich joining more recently. Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation’s publisher and editor, is a member of the IPS board, and IPS fellows and associates have been frequent contributors to The Nation. In 2008 IPS collaborated with The Nation to produce a prescient and award-winning special issue on “The New Inequality” [June 30].[2]

The Nation Cruise 2011

The far-left magazine The Nation sent out a notice in July about a cruise they were planning for later in the year, with "special guests" who represented a good spectrum of the Left, from avowed marxists to communist sympathizers and leftist hanger-ons. Their notice was a follows:

"Dear Friend of The Nation,

"Want to learn how to organize your own flash mob from the expoerts at CodePink? Or hear about Van Jones' transformative "Rebuild the Dream" project from the man himself? Or talk face to face with Jeremy Scahill about his reporting from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia? You can ... on this year's Nation Cruise."

Here are the special guests who will be with us this year:

"The idea? To exchange ideas on the state of the progressive world. To Give all of us who know, care about, respect, support, publish, write and read The Nation a chance to meet and talk, face-to-face, one-on-one. And to enjoy a much needed vacation with stops in San Juan, St. Maarten and Grand Turk, bringing us back to our workday worlds....."

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