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Terri Burgess Sandu is Executive Director Hard Hatted Women Cleveland Ohio.

Socialist International

Led by Bogdan Denitch, DSA's permanent representative to the Socialist International, the Democratic Socialists of America delegation to the October 1990 Socialist International meeting in New York, included DSA Honorary Chair, Cornel West, Pat Belcon, a DSA NPC member, Motl Zelmanowicz, a "DSAer active in the Jewish Labor Bund", Jo-Ann Mort, a DSA NPC member, Jack Sheinkman, president of ACTWU, NYC Commissioner of Finance, Carol O'Cleireacain, Terri Burgess, chair of the DSA youth Section, Skip Roberts, Chair of DSA's Socialist International Committee, welcomed the Council to the United States on behalf of Democratic Socialists of America.[1]

"Single payer" healthcare

In 1991, Terri Burgess was a member of Democratic Socialists of America and was Recording Secretary for Northeast Ohio Coalition for National Health Care. She said "our primary activity is to build grass roots support for a universal health insurance bill in the state legislature". Democratic Socialists of America member Ken Frisof was president of the coalition.[2]

DSA Youth Section

In 1991, Terri Burgess was elected to vice chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, Youth Section Coordinating Committee (Cleveland local) .[3]

DSA contact

In 1995 Terri Burgess was Cleveland Democratic Socialists of America contact.[4]



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