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Scott Camil

Gainesville Eight

The Gainesville Eight were a group of anti-Vietnam War activists indicted on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. All eight defendants were acquitted.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War had planned to demonstrate against the ongoing Vietnam War during the convention. After learning from FBI informants and agents within the VVAW about possible plans for disruption and violence, the Department of Justice initiated a grand jury investigation. Eight of the people investigated were indicted by the government on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the convention: John Briggs, Scott Camil, Alton Foss, John Kniffin, Peter Mahoney, Stanley Michelson, William Patterson, and Don Perdue. All but Briggs were Vietnam veterans.[1]

UFPJ rally

On October 27th 2007, United for Peace and Justice held an Anti-war National Mobilization, near Orlando, Florida at Lake Eola.[2]

Speakers Included:

Gainesville Veterans for Peace

Paul Ortiz Follow · May 27, 2017:


Another president, more hype, more war. Come visit Gainesville Veterans for Peace Memorial Mile this weekend. — with Sherry Steiner, Sheila Payne, John Fullerton and Scott Camil at Veterans For Peace.

Paul Ortiz May 23, 2012


Gainesville Veterans for Peace will be displaying more than 6, 915 tombstones from 7am on May 27 through dusk on Memorial Day, May 27, 7pm to remember those who have died in the wars in Afghanistan since 2001 and in Iraq since 2003.

Memorial Mile will line the street along Eighth Avenue just east of 31st Street, where the Solar System Walk is located. This is the tenth year VFP has set up the dis... See More — with Sherry Steiner, Richard Hudgens, Mary Bahr, Sheila Payne, Shawna Doran, John Fullerton and Scott Camil at Veterans For Peace.


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