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Portland Democratic Socialists of America is affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Portland DSA members


In 2015, Portland Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee contacts were Todd Mayberry, and Rick Bellivieu.[1]

2017 members and supporters


Public Facebook group, August 29, 2017;

This Facebook Group serves as an organizational and informational space for the Portland DSA Chapter.[2]



Connor Smith, September 12 2017.

The Portland DSA Communications Working Group is shifting our Facebook presence away from this Facebook Group and onto our Facebook Page. This means that in two weeks this Facebook Group will no longer exist.
The decision to close the Group comes after several months of discussion and has received general support from Portland DSA's Executive Committee. There are almost 1,000 members in this Group, and a majority are not Portland DSA members. We are looking to prioritize other venues for open discussion among members and non-members alike, including our upcoming Portland DSA Reading Group on September 21: https://www.facebook.com/events/309110959561070/
The group will be closed to new posts from members one week from today. Then one week after that we will close the group entirely. To keep up with Portland DSA on Facebook please follow our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PortlandDSA

Most of our collective power toward socialism is being built through work happening offline in our Chapter's branches and working groups. Please sign up for our regional newsletter - www.portlanddsa.org/newsletter and join DSA - www.dsausa.org/join

Admins/August 29, 2017

Members/March 2017

More members were added by September 24. The site was closed shortly afterwards.

Infiltrating the Democrats

Portland DSA June 1985


As of January 1985;

New Steering Committee

At Large

As of October 1985;



Feminist Committee

Peace/Non Intervention

Antiracism Committee

Socialist-Feminist Study Group

As of June 1986;



Feminist Committee

Taxpayers for Choice (DSA liaison)

Antiracism Committee

As of 1987;

Delegates to 1985 Nat'l Convention

Portland DSA delegates to the 198 DSA Nat'l Convention in Berkeley were Leila Wrathall, Kristie Duyckinck, Steve Pettingill, Scott Bailey, George Potratz, Melvin Bell, and Beverly Stein.[7]



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