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Our Revolution is an organization run by former campaign workers and supporters of former socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The goal is to support socialist candidates for office at all levels.[1]

Nina Turner is the President of Our Revolution. Paco Fabian is the Director of Campaigns.

Board Members

Our Revolution Board members 2019:

Our Revolution Board members 2017:


David Duhalde Twitter Bio as of January 8 2018

David Duhalde is the "Senior Electoral Manager" at Our Revolution. Former Deputy Director of Democratic Socialists of America.[4]

Our Revolution influence

Our Revolution has over 200,000 members and 600 groups across the country (and a few in Europe). Under David Duhalde’s tenure, Our Revolution won over 70 races in the 2018 general election cycle, including electing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Deb Haaland to the U.S. House of Representatives.[5]

Strategic Partnership

Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats of America Announce Strategic Partnership

Our Revolution (OR) and the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) are excited to announce a formal partnership established by both organizations’ national boards. OR and PDA will work together on advancing progressive issues like Medicare for All and restoration of voting rights for those who’ve paid their debt to society, as well as electing progressive candidates this November.

PDA and Our Revolution have cooperated on actions against Trumpcare and the Affordable Care Act repeal, and in support of the People’s Platform, a series of progressive and transformative core policies and issues.

“Our Revolution looks forward to our continued work and partnership with PDA,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “Before Sen. Sanders’ historic presidential run, people thought ideas like Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, and tuition-free college were impossible to achieve. In only a few short years we’ve changed the narrative on what is possible in this country and now the American people are on our side.”

Turner added, “Our partnership with PDA will continue to change the narrative about what is possible, and result in many more newly elected progressive leaders who will work to implement our progressive vision for the country. Progressive Democrats of America was the first national group to endorse Senator Sanders for President, and since Our Revolution’s founding, has been our partner on issues, candidates, and reforming the Democratic Party.”

Incoming PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky said, “PDA’s relentless ‘Run Bernie Run’ campaign, launched in 2014, directly contributed to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ decision to run for president in the Democratic primaries. PDA and the nationwide grassroots effort that evolved into Our Revolution worked throughout the 2016 campaign to support Sen. Sanders’ out-of-nowhere challenge for the Democratic nomination. PDA and OR continue to empower the millions-strong movement that Bernie Sanders’ campaign energized.”

Minsky added, “Working together, OR led by President Nina Turner and incoming Executive Director Dr. Heather Gautney and PDA will continue to grow the progressive political revolution necessary to elect progressive candidates and build towards a progressive governing majority, and thereby enact widely popular reforms including: Medicare For All, a Living Wage, Free College and Vocational Training, Clean and Fair Elections, Inclusive Prosperity, Protecting the Climate, and Equality and Justice for All. Stunning upsets in this year’s Democratic primaries by progressive candidates— including Benjamin Jealous, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Gillum, and Ayanna Pressley—as well as consistent public polling results have shown that Americans support candidates and organizations that speak out and stand up for the 99%, even when that requires directly challenging the status quo and incumbents who are insufficiently dedicated to achieving needed progress.”

Our Revolution has over 600 local groups in 49 states and nine countries. Our Revolution’s Board includes former Ohio (state) Senator Nina Turner, Labor organizer Larry Cohen, Native American leader Deborah Parker, Jim Hightower, James Zogby, former Chief of Staff for Sen. Bernie Sanders Huck Gutman, , Our Revolution South - Carolina member Lucero E. Mesa, and Our Revolution - Illinois Chicago member Richard Rodriguez.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is a grassroots political action committee. PDA’s Healthcare Not Warfare campaign brings together the need for a comprehensive universal health care system with our advocacy for scaled-down military spending and increased reliance on diplomatic foreign policy. The PDA National Advisory Board includes Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, and James McGovern; as well as progressive leaders such as Michael Moore, Mimi Kennedy, Lila Garrett, Thom Hartmann, Medea Benjamin, and Dr. Paul Song, M.D. [6]

Endorsements May 2022

Our Revolution May 16 2022 Fundraising Letter

Email sent to supporters May 16 2022:

It’s down to the wire and big money is targeting our powerhouse candidates like Summer Lee (PA-12), Nida Allam (NC-4), Erica Smith (NC-1), Jamie McLeod-Skinner (OR-5), and Attica Scott (KY-3).
Like Bernie said at his rally for Summer in Pittsburgh: “We need strong progressives in Congress and to tell these billionaires we won’t allow them to buy our elections and control our democracy.”
Trevor these critical primaries are tomorrow, and we need to mount a powerful counterattack against the special interests. Rush a donation now!
Also, early voting starts tomorrow in Texas, where we have two shots to elect progressives — Jasmine Crockett in TX-30 and Jessica Cisneros, who is taking on corrupt, anti-choice US Rep. Henry Cuellar in (TX-28).
Dark money Super PACs are pouring in tens of millions of dollars against us because we have MOMENTUM. Bernie is calling out the billionaires trying to subvert democracy by spreading lies against progressives — and we must fight back.
Every commercial break, they’re running another false ad smearing our working class fighters. Chip-in now to fund our work to counter corporate propaganda and get our candidates over the finish line!
The corporate establishment sees us growing stronger, and they’re desperate to stop the ascendance of the progressive movement. That’s why we need to ramp-up our direct voter outreach and get out the vote right now!
Thank you for doing what you can to grow the power of our movement in this pivotal moment.
In solidarity,
Our Revolution

Email Blast to Our Revolution Subscribers Oct 30 2017

Nina Turner Florida Tour Flyer for Our Revolution

Our Revolution sent an email blast on October 30 2017 to subscribers announcing a visit from Our Revolution President Nina Turner to Sarasota and Venice Florida on Friday November 3 2017. The email was signed by Arlene Sweeting of Progressive Sarasota and read in part:

"The 2018 election is critical for Florida and for Sarasota County. We will be electing a new Governor and Cabinet that will decide the direction Florida takes for the next four years. We’ll also have a chance to expand voting rights to 1.6 million previously disenfranchised Floridians. At the county level, we are fighting an attempt by the right wing to take over our local school board.
"In order to win these fights, we need to be organized and we need to get to work now. You were a part of the political revolution in 2016, as Bernie Sanders showed the country that someone with integrity and ideas could take on the establishment and inspire change. We are asking you to continue to work for a future we can believe in and join us to build a political and economic system that works for all of us."

Communist Party infiltration

In a Janary 24 2018 article on the Communist Party USA website "Survey says, CPUSA members want to be heard" John Bachtell wrote;[7]

Most members are involved in their communities and in a range of labor, social justice, environmental and peace organizations.
Among the labor activists are trade union leaders and members of central labor councils, retiree organizations, Jobs with Justice and the Fight for 15.
Others are involved in feminist organizations including Planned Parenthood, defense of abortion clinics and the new #MeToo movement.
Many are involved in racial justice groups including Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, immigrant rights, LGTBQ organizations and disability rights groups.

Members were involved with Bernie Sanders campaign and are continuing their activism in Our Revolution, Swing Left, Indivisible, Working Families Party, statewide groups like the New Virginia Majority and local Democratic Party groups and 2018 electoral campaigns.
Several members are elected officials.

DSA connection

September, 2016 Daniel Werst of Socialist Worker wrote about a launch meeting for Bernie Sanders' Our Revolution in New Orleans and what it revealed about the new organization.

Paul Fleckenstein's recent article provided a valuable analysis of the "down-ballot" strategy that Bernie Sanders has supported in his newly launched non-profit organization Our Revolution ("Taking down the revolution?").

I attended the kickoff night meeting for Our Revolution in New Orleans, and I believe the debate that took place among participants connects directly to the criticisms raised in Fleckenstein's article.
On August 24, staff, volunteers and supporters from Sanders' campaign for the Democratic nomination organized local meetings across the U.S., inviting contacts and friends of friends from their mailing lists and activist networks to join this new political organization. Each meeting tuned in to watch a LiveStream broadcast of Bernie Sanders giving a speech to a small audience of supporters in Vermont about his goals for influencing politics after losing to and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.
The New Orleans Our Revolution meeting was made up of about 20 people, most of whom had been strong supporters of Sanders' campaign.
Virtually all of the attendees spoke heatedly before the meeting began about their anger at Hillary Clinton's politics and discussed different opinions about Sanders' endorsement.
Before Sanders' speech, we had time for a few introductions, and Aaron, who was leading the meeting, asked for an informal poll: "Who considers themselves a socialist?" A majority of the room raised our hands, including the speaker, who explained that he was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)--and later that he was inviting people to join that organization as well as Our Revolution.
But when we began discussing Hillary Clinton, Aaron made clear that the position of Our Revolution was already decided by the central leadership from the Sanders campaign, and not subject to debate by its membership, which was just about to be formed. Justifying this, he indicated that the organization was committed to supporting Clinton in order to take "an anti-fascist position" against Donald Trump.[8]

Senior Electoral Manager

David Duhalde is the "Senior Electoral Manager" at Our Revolution. Former Deputy Director of Democratic Socialists of America.[9]

Affiliate program


David Duhalde interview with Sarah Jaffe Truthout.

DD It really shows a couple of things. It shows to me that what I appreciate about the new DSA, the one post-Trump election, is how still committed it is to being flexible and being willing to work around local conditions. I think that is what is going to make a modern DSA thrive. It is not necessarily having a one-size-fits-all model, but really allowing ... grassroots chapters who are autonomous, to work with national, to do what fits them.
Sometimes, that meant, "We are going to take on the Democratic machine, like in Somerville and in Lakewood?" Both of those actually succeeded, but sometimes it is just winning the Democratic ballot line that no one wants, like the Lee J. Carter race or Karen Lowe who won the school board. What is really exciting for me ... Khalid Kamau who won, was one of our first nationally endorsed candidates after Bernie, is that we are really focusing on lots of these local races, learning ... good lessons of bad people, seeing how the right wing has built such a great pipeline of local candidates who eventually [became] part of the ruling class and part of the congressional Republicans.
SJ How does the broader post-Bernie spectrum of groups and organizations fit together in this moment? There were a bunch of Our Revolution endorsed candidates, there were some DSA endorsed candidates, there were other local people who come out of that movement all over the country. I am wondering how you think this movement, such as it is, fits together. Or, where are some of the tensions?
DD That is a really great question. Actually, similar to how my expectations were exceeded about how well DSA did on election night in November 2017, I have been rather pleasantly surprised about how well the different post-Bernie formations have been doing and working together to keep this political revolution going. I want to give one great example, which is Our Revolution, [which] either locally or nationally endorsed all of our candidates that we endorsed nationally, as well. Not to mention tons of local races. We have a very good working relationship with Our Revolution. We often share information and talk about candidates. We, also, have this affiliation program where DSA chapters can be the local Our Revolution chapter, as well. That is to avoid unnecessary conflicts, duplication of efforts. So, our Knoxville chapter which helped elect two DSA members is, also, the Our Revolution chapter. That is a really great example of keeping this collaboration going.[10]





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