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Maxwell Goldman

Maxwell Tye Goldman is a member of the Communist Party USA in Connecticut.[1]

He works as a Senior Outreach Assistant, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT).


Tufts University - Bachelor’s Degree Field Of Study Philosophy 2006 – 2010.


Fall 2007: Seeing a need to overcome language and cultural barriers between students and janitors at Tufts in order to build a stronger community, junior Kevin Dillon founds the Jumbo Janitor Alliance. Dillon and sophomore Emma Mayerson, the first co-chairs of JJA, along with sophomore Maxwell Goldman as secretary and treasurer, being intensive recruitment to build a successful, long-lasting student group. From the start, JJA focuses on community-building initiatives, aiming to be inclusive of the entire Tufts community, including the janitors' employer, One Source, and the Tufts Adminstration.

According to the Tufts Daily, A student organization founded 2007 at Tufts University to promote support for Tufts’ janitors, the Jumbo Janitor Alliance (JJA), says it had a significant impact in determining the outcome of this summer’s contract negotiations between Tufts’ janitors and their employer, American Building Maintenance (ABM) Industries.

The JJA held rallies and protests on campus last school year and continued its advocacy over the summer. The group’s former co-chair, senior Kevin Dillon, claimed that Tufts purposely scheduled negotiations during the summer to avoid pressure from the students.

But students and janitors, organized by the labor union SEIU Local 615, held a rally in Davis Square on June 10 that drew press coverage from the Somerville Journal. The protesters went so far as to block traffic, delaying motorists and leading some drivers to use profanity.

“Sometimes people just don’t get it; we’ve impeded their right to drive for a minute,” JJA Secretary and Treasurer Maxwell Goldman, a junior, told the Daily. “I think it was a really good idea because it got our point across.”

The JJA gained the support of local politicians this summer, including state Rep. Carl Sciortino (LA ’00) and state Sen. Pat Jehlen.

The alliance also enlisted the aid of Somerville Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz, who got involved after looking at how the wages Tufts janitors earn relative to the endowment of the university compare with those of neighboring schools. Before the new contract was ratified on Aug. 11, all Tufts janitors earned $13.85 an hour. Tufts’ endowment is approximately $1.5 billion.

Gewirtz helped the alliance tweak a resolution supporting the janitors and then submitted it at a meeting of the Board of Aldermen. Gewirtz said another alderman objected to it on grounds of irrelevance, so the resolution was tabled.

“Obviously with the actual ratification vote, you can see that our members were very much happy with the results of the negotiations,” SEIU Local 615 representative Roxanna Rivera said. “[The new contract] was ratified overwhelmingly by the membership.”

Dillon and Goldman both agree that the new contract is a success for the janitors and the JJA. “We won a lot of the major things that the workers wanted to see taken care of,” Goldman said.

“Some people are thinking that now that contract negotiations are over our group will cease to exist,” JJA Co-Chair Jeffrey Kimm told the Daily.[2]

Communist Party


Maxwell Goldman was a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA national convention in Chicago in 2014.

Maxwell Goldman of CT teaching a mini workshop during the convention.[3]
Maxwell Goldman

Political activism