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Mark Splain began organizing in 1967 on the west side of Chicago, organizing against blockbusting and housing discrimination. He resides in San Francisco, California and Washington, D.C.[1]

National Welfare Rights Organization

From 1969 through 1972 Splain organized in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the National Welfare Rights Organization.[1]

Mass Fair Share

In 1973 Splain helped start Mass Fair Share, a statewide organization of low and moderate income families.[1]

United Labor Unions

Throughout the early 80's Splain worked with low-wage worker campaigns that became a part of United Labor Unions in 5 cities. ULU affiliated with SEIU in 1985.[1]

Service Employees International Union

From 1985 to 1989 Mark was the Health Care organizing director for Service Employees International Union.[1]


In 1989 Splain was named the Deputy Director of the AFL-CIO's Organizing Institute. In 1995 he was named by John Sweeney as the Director of the thirteen state Western Region for the AFL-CIO, and in May of 2000 was named Director of Organizing. He is currently a Special Assistant in the AFL-CIO’s Department of Organizing, working with and assisting the organizing efforts of the United Farm Workers.[1]

The Organizers' Forum

As at Jan 28, 2010 Mark Splain was on the Board of Directors of The Organizers' Forum, a group with the mission of strengthening grassroots organizations by increasing capacity and stability of their democratic structures, to link organizing networks, and to improve on the skills and strategies employed by both community and labor organizers.[2]

Social Policy

As at Jan. 29, 2010 the Social Policy Organizers' Forum Board included:[3]

Deepak Bhargava, John Calkins, Tho Thi Do, Mary Gonzales, Ken Johnson, Michael Kieschnick, Drummond Pike, Mark Splain, Andy Stern, Pat Sweeney, Mary Rowles, John Hoyt, Gustavo Torres.

Support for Bernie Sanders

Mark Splain pledged support for Bernie Sanders through Labor for Bernie, a "nationwide network of labor activists, backing Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign."