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Marc Lamont Hill

Template:TOCnestleft Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is one of the leading leftist intellectuals in the country. He is the host of HuffPost Live and BET News, as well as a political contributor for CNN.

Hill is the former host of the nationally syndicated television show Our World With Black Enterprise and political contributor to Fox News Channel. An award-winning journalist, Dr. Hill has received numerous prestigious awards from the National Association of Black Journalists, GLAAD, and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Hill is Distinguished Professor of African American Studies at Morehouse College. Prior to that, he held positions at Columbia University and Temple University.[1]

In 2013 Mumia Abu-Jamal’s latest book, “The Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America,” was co-authored by Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill, and made available from Third World Press.

Dr. Hill is the Steve Charles Professor of Media, Cities, and Solutions at Temple University. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond. He is the owner of Uncle Bobbie’s Bookstore in Philadelphia. His new book Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics will be available on February 16th.


Since his days as a youth in Philadelphia, Dr. Hill has been a social justice activist and organizer. He is a founding board member of My5th, a non-profit organization devoted to educating youth about their legal rights and responsibilities. He is also a board member and organizer of the Philadelphia Student Union. Dr. Hill also works closely with the ACLU Drug Reform Project, focusing on drug informant policy. Over the past few years, he has actively worked on campaigns to end the death penalty and to release numerous political prisoners.

In 2011, Ebony Magazine named him one of America’s 100 most influential Black leaders.

Dr. Hill is the author of three books: the award-winning Beats, Rhymes, and Classroom Life: Hip-Hop Pedagogy and the Politics of Identity; The Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black life in America; and The Barbershop Notebooks: Reflections on Culture, Politics, and Education . He has also published three edited books: Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility; Schooling Hip-Hop: New Directions in Hip-Hop Based Education; and The Anthropology of Education Reader. He is currently completing two manuscripts: 10 Right Wing Myths About Education; and Written By Himself: Race, Masculinity, and the Politics of Literacy.

Trained as an anthropologist of education, Dr. Hill holds a Ph.D. (with distinction) from the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the intersections between culture, politics, and education.[2]

"DSA, BDS, and Palestine Solidarity"


DSA, BDS, and Palestine Solidarity: A Panel Discussion Saturday, February 6th, 2021.

Palestine is not only a humanitarian issue, nor is it only a Palestinian issue. Palestine is a political issue with serious consequences at stake for both Palestinians and average US residents. As socialists, we recognize the interconnectedness of our struggles under capitalism. In solidarity with Palestinian civil society’s nonviolent struggle for equality, human rights, and self-determination, DSA adopted a resolution at our national convention in 2017 in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. In 2019, DSA reaffirmed its commitment to the BDS movement by voting to establish a BDS and Palestine Solidarity national working group.

Join us on Saturday, 2/6 at 3pm ET/2pm CT/1pm MT/12pm PT for a discussion and Q&A with special guests, including Omar Barghouti, Marc Lamont Hill, Sumaya Awad, and Ajamu Amiri Dillahunt, to discuss the growing and vibrant global BDS Movement, Palestine solidarity, censorship, and how socialists can join the fight!

Moderated by Olivia Katbi Smith.

Co-sponsored by the BDS and Palestine Solidarity National Working Group, the National Political Education Committee, DSA Muslim Caucus, and the Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus (AFROSOC).[3]

Racial Justice Has No Borders Town Hall

This coalition puts a focus on diaspora, refugee, veteran, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities who bear the brunt of this country’s militarism to challenge the myth that more police, wars, and weapons have made any of us safer or more secure. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we forge new avenues for global solidarity that can lead to real and lasting peace and security. On April 6, at 3 p.m. EST / 2 p.m. CST / 1 p.m. MST / 12 p.m. PST (the eve of the Wisconsin Democratic Primary), the coalition will host a virtual town hall examining U.S. military policy, defense spending, the ongoing 'War on Terror,’ and militarization at home.

Moderated by Marc Lamont Hill, the Town Hall will launch a shared campaign demanding the immediate end to the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that has been the pillar of escalated U.S. military intervention under the banner of the War on Terror.


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“Black Male Privilege”

May 17, 2010, at the Brecht Forum, there was a panel discussion on the question of “Black Male Privilege” The panelists were Prof. Mark Anthony Neal, Prof. Marc Lamont Hill, Prof. R. L'Heureux Lewis and filmmaker Byron Hurt, with Esther Armah moderating.[4]

Hulbert James CBC interview


In September 2011 Tara Young and Marc Lamont Hill interviewed Hulbert James at the Congressional Black Caucus retreat.

"Scott Sisters Speak in Brooklyn!"

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement & National Conference of Black Lawyers to Host Forum featuring Jamie Scott & Gladys Scott and Chokwe Lumumba,

Panelists Michael Tarif Warren, Marc Lamont Hill, and Rukia Lumumba, moderated by April R. Silver: April 23, 2011 at Restoration Plaza.[5]


A national symposium on issues affecting the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated and their families that will bring together an impressive array of well-known speakers:

Rev. Al Sharpton; Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker, named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People; CNN journalist Soledad O'Brien; Randall Robinson, best-selling author and social justice advocate; Jeremy Travis, President of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice; "Chef Jeff" Henderson, formerly incarcerated motivational speaker, author and star of the Food Network; Rossana Rosado, CEO of El Diario La Prensa, one of the nation's top Spanish- language newspapers; Khalil Muhammad, noted historian and new director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; Alan Rosenthal, co-director, Justice Strategies, Center for Community Alternatives; Terrie Williams, youth advocate and author of the book, Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting, CBS national correspondent Byron Pitts; and Marc Lamont Hill, a leading hip-hop generation intellectual and host of the nationally syndicated television program, Our World with Black Enterprise.

Location: The Riverside Church, W. 120th St & Riverside Dr. NYC

The "Think Outside the Cell: A New Day, A New Way," symposium is made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation to the Think Outside the Cell Foundation, which was founded by Sheila Rule. It is being presented in partnership with the Fortune Society’s David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, the College and Community Fellowship and the Riverside Church Prison Ministry.[6]


Love: Lessons, Legacy, Loss, Learning. A Conversation with Marc Lamont Hill & Robert Cornegy, Jr.

There is nothing more revolutionary than black love.

How do you define love? How have men, women, lovers, parents, friends influenced and impacted how you love? How has the way you love shaped your relationships: work & love? How has rejection, abandonment and loss shaped how you love? How does the way you love shape your masculinity? What lessons have you learned? What do you need to unlearn? What legacy has the way you love created for you? What lessons would you share? Where do you need healing? Join the conversation, re-imagine love.


Marc Lamont Hill: Activist Scholar, Author, TV Host, Political Commentator. Associate Professor of Education @ Columbia University; TV Host of Our World with Black Enterprise, Author The Classroom & The Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America

Robert Cornegy, Jr.: Brooklyn Elected Official, Marketing Professor, Husband/Dad, State Committeeman/District Leader 56th AD, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Brooklyn College, Husband and father of 6

Moderated by:Esther Armah: NY Radio Host, Playwright, National Best-Selling Author Plus book signing: 'The Classroom & The Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Brecht Forum.[7]

"A New Vision for Black Freedom"


4/29/12 Resistance & State Repression Plenary in the South Hall at The Riverside Church, New York City, NY

A New Vision for Black Freedom: The Manning Marable Memorial Conference-Reinvigorating Social Theory-Redefining Political Struggle




On the day following the 41st anniversary of the Attica ¬massacre of courageous prisoners rising up against intolerable oppression, we come together to fight mass ¬incarceration and to demand the closing of Attica as a symbolic commitment to this larger goal. We build on the powerful commemoration that took place last September 9, 2011 at Riverside Church.

Join with us to hear a special panel on building a movement to end mass incarceration with: Michelle Alexander, Angela Davis, Jazz Hayden, Marc Lamont Hill, and Cornel West.

Speakers: Soffiya Elijah, Pam Africa, video message from Special UN Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, and audio message from Mumia Abu-Jamal.

MC: Asha Bandele.

Panel moderator: Suzanne Ross.[9] ·

McCoy connection

Sheltreese McCoy is the inaugural Crossroads Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin. In this role, she has produced the first and most comprehensive Queer People of Color Resource Guide, presented annually at The LGBTQ Task Force’s national Creating Change Conference, and has facilitated numerous workshops and trainings about intersectionality, race and racism, homophobia, and erasure. The Crossroads Initiative also hosts discussion groups, a welcome week barbecue, launched the Reel to Real film series featuring queer and trans* people of color, and has brought renowned national speakers to campus including Janet Mock, Kenyon Farrow, Rinku Sen, and Marc Lamont Hill.[10]

Brecht Forum TV

Theresa Runstedtler in conversation with David J. Leonard Moderated by Marc Lamont Hill, from Brecht Forum TV. August 20, 2012.[11]

Dream Defenders Palestine Delegation

Dream Defenders Palestine Delegation toured "Palestine" and in Israel, early January 2015.

The full list of delegates included five Dream Defenders (Phillip Agnew, Ciara Taylor, Steven Pargett, Sherika Shaw, Ahmad Abuznaid), Tef Poe and Tara Thompson (Ferguson/Hands Up United), journalist Marc Lamont Hill, Cherrell Brown and Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC), Charlene Carruthers (Black Youth Project), poet and artist Aja Monet, Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter), and Maytha Alhassen.[12]


On a historic trip to Palestine, freedom fighters from Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York, Ferguson, and Atlanta were able to witness firsthand the effects of Israeli apartheid and occupation, and to learn from the people who are actively resisting on the front lines. In Nazareth, the delegates decided to do a solidarity demonstration as a call for support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign that was called for by Palestinian civil society in 2005.

This demonstration was coordinated by Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, and features "Ella's Song" by Sweet Honey in the Rock, sung by Charlene Carruthers, National Director of the Black Youth Project 100 and Dream Defenders’ Executive Director Phillip Agnew; poet, artist, and New York Justice League member, Aja Monet; rapper and Ferguson/Hands Up United organizer Tef Poe, and Ferguson/ Hands Up United organizer, Tara Thompson. Dream Defenders Ciara Taylor, Steven Pargett, Sherika Shaw, and Ahmad Abuznaid, journalist Marc Lamont Hill, New York Justice League organizers Cherrell Brown and Carmen Perez, and Maytha Alhassen, a University of Southern California Doctoral Candidate, are seen preforming the debke, a traditional Palestinian folk dance.[13]



Rahiel Tesfamariam August 10, 2015 ·

"If black lives matter is the word, then #Ferguson is the word made flesh." - Rev. Sekou #UnitedWeFight — with Osagyefo Sekou, Starsky Wilson, Bree Newsome, Traci Blackmon, Dr. Cornel West, Rahiel Tesfamariam, Marc Lamont Hill and Michael McBride.