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Jim Shoch

Jim (James) E. Shoch is Associate Professor of Government at Sacramento State.


James Shoch hs a Docorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor Shoch is the author of Trading Blows: Party Competition and U.S. Trade Policy in a Globalizing Era (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 2001). He has also published articles on American economic, trade, and industrial policy in Political Science Quarterly, Politics & Society, and elsewhere[1].

New American Movement

In 1980 was a delegate to the December 12-14 Chicago, National Council meeting of the New American Movement[2].

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Bill Barclay, Political Secretary; Beverly Stein, Portland NAM and Jim Shoch, San Francisco NAM led a workshop entitled Chapter Strategies and Coalitional Work at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.[3]

Tribute to Ben Dobbs

On Sunday, June 7, 1981, the Los Angeles Chapter of the New American Movement sponsored a Tribute to Ben Dobbs for "His lifelong commitment to socialism". The event was held at the Miramar-Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, California. Sponsors of the event included Jim Shoch.[4]

DSA Conference delegate

In 1983 Jim Shoch was a San Francisco, California delegate to the Democratic Socialists of America conference in New York City, October 14-16, 1983[5]

DSA staffer

In 1984 Democratic Socialists of America staff members included Jim Shoch[6].

In 1987 Jim Shoch was a political director of Democratic Socialists of America[7].

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1986 Jim Shoch was listed as National Political Director and West Coast Office Contact for the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.[8]

DSA National Convention

Speakers at the Democratic Socialists of America 2nd National Convention, in Berkeley California, included: Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, Mpho Tutu, daughter of SA Anglican Bishop, Desmond Tutu, Marta Petrusewicz, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rep. Ron Dellums, Elinor Glenn, Michael Harrington, Harold Meyerson, Paulette Pierce, David Plotke, Jim Shoch, Beverly Stein, Mel Pritchard, Jim Jacobs, Dolores Delgado Campbell, Guy Molyneux, Cornel West, Gail Radford.[9]

DSA member

In 1990, Jim Shoch was a member of Democratic Socialists of America.[10]

Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1990, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[11]

The Democratic Party and Electoral Strategy for the Left

Sacramento "Progressive Forum"

Jim Shoch, Leisa Faulkner-Barns, Bill Fletcher, Jr., and Congressional Candidate Bill Durston were panelists at a Progressive Forum at Sacramento State University, October 9, 2008.[12]


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