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Iowa AFL-CIO 2016 Endorsement

Jim Mowrer was endorsed by the Iowa affiliate of AFL-CIO: AFL-CIO - Iowa for the 2016 election. [1]

ARA endorsement, 2014

The Alliance for Retired Americans Political Action Fund endorsed Jim Mowrer in 2014.[2]

Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

Jim Mowrer was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.[3]



In 2016 Jim Mowrer was supported by Council for a Livable World in his second run for the House of Representatives, this time in a race for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District seat.

After graduating from high school in Iowa, Jim Mowrer joined the National Guard and was deployed to Iraq. His infantry unit served the longest deployment of any unit in the war – 23 months. While in Iraq he earned a college degree from the American Military University and after returning to the U.S. he earned a Master’s in Public Policy. In 2010 he went to work at the Pentagon, where he helped start and oversee the Army’s Office of Business Transformation. He believes his work there trying to cut bureaucratic waste will appeal to fiscally conservative voters.
After seeing firsthand the sacrifice and cost associated with warfare in the Middle East, Mowrer strongly dislikes the unnecessary use of military action. Instead, he believes that the United States needs to promote diplomatic engagement and smart military spending. He is a strong supporter of the United Nations and advocates that more needs to be done to strengthen world institutions that promote peace.
Mowrer firmly backs the Iran nuclear agreement because it is built around “intrusive, evidence-based verification,” and eliminates Iranian incentives to restart their nuclear program. He is troubled by critics of the deal who have used “symbolism over substance” in order to “bolster their political credentials”, all the while not providing any realistic alternatives.
Mowrer supports the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, continued talks with Russia to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons on each side, and wants to work towards the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons.