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Template:TOCnestleft Javier Aaron Paz is a social studies teacher at Coronado High School in El Paso.

Biden supporter

"A lot of the Bernie supporters that are open to Biden are saying things like, well we want the platform to be more progressive," Javier Aaron Paz, a Biden for president grassroots organizer who lives in El Paso, said. "You know, that's ultimately why they were for Bernie to begin with."

Paz, 43, said Biden has already begun to move in that direction, pointing to Biden's recently announced plan related to forgiving student loan debt. He also maintained that Biden did not get the plurality of votes in El Paso in March because Bloomberg split the vote. [1]

El Chuco del Norte public Facebook group


Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte, public Facebook group members, as of June 18, 2018 included Javier Aaron Paz.[2]



O'Rourke supporter