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Jacqueline C. Simon President & CEO of JCS Ventures, a business development consultant group and Founder of Transitions for Recovery and Re-Entry Program, Inc., received her Masters Degree in Pupil and Personnel Administration and Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Community Corrections and a Bachelor of Arts, from San Jose State University. In addition, Ms. Simon is credentialed and has received multiple Training and Certifications in the Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Motivational Interviewing and Healthy Transitional Life Skills Development.

Ms. Simon has provided administrative, educational, and support services to ex-offenders in the Federal Probation System, Monterey County Probation, Santa Clara Juvenile Hall & County Sheriffs’ Dept. and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from 1979 to the present. She has worked with the Contra Costa Office of Education’s Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery (STAR) program for 5 years and generated the highest state-wide graduation statistics of all Parolee Education STAR site locations for Fifty-two Months. Moreover, Ms. Simon was elected to the Board of Directors for The Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (CASP) and is an active supporter and member of Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action (COPA). She is also a member of the Monterey County Peace Officers Association. And is currently working with the Veterans Administration to develop a Veterans Drop In Center where she will teach “Life Skills” cognitive behavioral seminars.[1]

"A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond"

Unity, January 28 1991, issued a statement "A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond" on pages 4 to 6.

This group was a split in the League of Revolutionary Struggle which soon became the Unity Organizing Committee.

Those listed as supporters of the call included Jacqueline C. Simon, CEO, Community Alliance Program for Ex-offenders, San Francisco. .