Hugh Rodham, Sr.

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Hugh Rodham, Sr. is the father of American politician Hillary Rodham Clinton.


  • Rodham grew up the child of immigrants from England.[1]
  • He played football for Penn State and served in the Navy in World War II.[1]
  • After World War II, Rodham started a custom-drapery business.[2]
  • Rodham purchased a house in Park Ridge, a suburb outside of Chicago.[3]
  • Rodham was considered a "Taft Republican". He forced his children to watch the Republican National Convention in 1952 without allowing them to watch the Democratic convention.[4]
  • In Carl Bernstein's book A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the author refers to Rodham as "a sour, unfulfilled man whose children suffered his relentless, demeaning sarcasm and misanthropic inclination." [5]

Impact on Hillary

Hillary Clinton has said that her father was a very difficult man to please. After one instance where she had straight-A's, Hugh said, "You must have gone to an easy school."[1]

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