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"Gabe" Gabrielsky

Robert "Gabe" Gabrielsky Studied at Rutgers Univeristy - Union Leadership Accademy.

Lives in Los Angeles, California.


Gabrielsky was a member of the Young Peoples Socialist League and later the International Socialists, leaving the organisation in 1973. Since then he has been active in various trade union and political struggles, including supporting Green Party electoral campaigns. He has also been active in Occupy Wall Street.

Statement of Solidarity with Pace SDS

Five Students for a Democratic Society New York members were arrested at Pace University, New York, on Wednesday, November 15, 2006, during a “free expression” protest.

Movement for a Democratic Society issued a support statement;

We the undersigned officers and members of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), denounce the actions of Pace University in regards to the planned arrest of several SDS first amendment activists on November 15, 2006 at the downtown campus. The targeting of these activists for their efforts to organize an SDS chapter at Pace is reprehensible. President David A. Caputo and the Pace administration have violated the civil rights of the student population and we join with SDS Pace in calling for David Caputo to step down now.

Endorsers of the statement included Gabe Gabrielsky of Students for a Democratic Society, Philadelphia.[1].

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Gabrielsky is listed as an endorser of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy, as of March 15, 2010.[2]

"The Left and the 2016 Elections"

"The Left and the 2016 Elections" was sponsored by the LA branch of Solidarity: A Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist Network

Co-sponsored by the LA branches of: Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Alternative.

It was held at the Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA, Sunday 31 January 2016, and was organized by : Gabe Gabrielsky.

Panelists were Charles Fredricks from the LA chapter Democratic Socialists of America , Michael Brown from the LA Branch of the International Socialist Organization, Hannah Zuckerman from the LA Branch of Socialist Alternative, Mimi Soltysik, Socialist Party USA candidate for President of the United States and Gabe Gabrielsky from the LA Branch of Solidarity: A Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist Network, and moderated by independent activist Sarah Mason.[3]

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Hannah Zucherman, Gabe Gabrielsky, Janet Ann Young, Michael Bray, Robert Pond, Michael Pugliese, Dani Radek, Michael Brown, Liz Avendano, Sarah Mason, Matt Owen, Randy Childs, Henry DeGroot, Keyanna Celina, Arturo Sernas, Hanna Renee, Yvet Jacqueline Perez Enciso, Fernando Ramirez, James Robertson, Stephen Kemp, Martabel Wasserman, Mimi Soltysik.[4]

DSA Official Anarchoprimitivist Treehouse

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Official Anarchoprimitivist Treehouse Closed Facebook group, as of August 20, 2017 included Robert Gabrielsky.[5]

DSA-LA 2018 Local officer election results

Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America Local officer election results released November 2017;[6]

At large officers

  • Robert Gabrielsky - not elected

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