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Template:TOCnestleft The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan organization, think tank, and publisher, whose members include Brian Williams, Fareed Zakaria, Angelina Jolie, Chuck Hagel, and Erin Burnett.[1]


As the Council on Foreign Relations page is highly detailed and in-depth, certain aspects of the organization will be dealt with in sub-pages, linked to below:


The following work for the organization:[2]


As at Sept. 1, 2009, the following served as officers for the Council:[2]


As at Sept. 1, 2009, the following served as directors for the Council:[2]

Term Expiring 2010:

Term Expiring 2011:

Term Expiring 2012:

Term Expiring 2013:

Term Expiring 2014:

Officers and Directors, Emeritus & Honorary:

Committees of the Board

As at Sept. 1, 2009, the following served on various Board Committees for the Council:[2]


Audit Committee:


Corporate Affairs:


Finance and Budget:

Finance and Budget - Investment:

Foreign Affairs:



Membership - Term Membership:

National Programs:

Nominating & Governance:


Washington Program:

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board was established by the Board of Directors in 1995 under the chairmanship of David Rockefeller, honorary chairman of the Council, and meets annually. The following are members of the Board:[2]

  • Peter G. Peterson, Chairman Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations; Chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
  • Syed Babar Ali (Pakistan), Adviser, Packages Limited; former Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning, Pakistan
  • Khalid A. Alturki (Saudi Arabia), Chairman, Trading and Development Company (TRADCO)
  • Mukesh D. Ambani (India), Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries, Ltd.
  • Ahmad E. Bishara (Kuwait), Secretary-General, National Democratic Movement; Professor, Kuwait University
  • Mark C. Chona (Zambia), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sumika Consultancy and Management Services Ltd.; former Political Adviser to the President of Zambia
  • Gustavo A. Cisneros (Venezuela), Chairman and CEO, Cisneros Group of Companies Gerhard Cromme (Germany), Chairman of the Supervisory Board, ThyssenKrupp AG
  • Abdel Raouf El Reedy (Egypt), Chairman, Mubarak Public Library; former Ambassador of Egypt to the United States
  • Jacob A. Frenkel (Israel), Vice Chairman, American International Group, Inc.; former Governor, Bank of Israel
  • Mikhail Fridman (Russia), Chairman of the Board, Alfa Bank Toyoo Gyohten (Japan), President, Institute for International Monetary Affairs; Senior Adviser, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd.
  • Baba Gana Kingibe (Nigeria), Chairman, Duneside Nigeria Ltd.; former Foreign Minister of Nigeria
  • Yotaro Kobayashi (Japan), former Chief Corporate Adviser, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
  • Rahmi M. Koc (Turkey), Honorary Chairman, KoÁ Holding A.S.
  • Luiz Felipe Lampreia (Brazil), Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Centro Brasileiro de RelaÁıes Internacionais; former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
  • Maurice Levy (France), Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Groupe S.A.
  • Brian Mulroney (Canada), Senior Partner, Ogilvy Renault; former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Sari Nusseibeh (Palestinian Authority), President, Al-Quds University
  • Sadako Ogata (Japan), President, Japan International Cooperation Agency; former UN High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Lubna Olayan (Saudi Arabia), Chief Executive Officer, Olayan Financing Company
  • Ana Palacio (Spain), Senior Vice President, International Affairs and Marketing, AREVA; former Foreign Minister of Spain
  • Surin Pitsuwan (Thailand), Secretary-General, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • Prannoy Roy (India), President, New Delhi Television Limited
  • Zalman Shoval (Israel), Head, Foreign Relations Bureau, Likud Party; former Ambassador of Israel to the United States
  • Khehla Shubane (South Africa), Chief Executive Officer, BusinessMap Foundation
  • Washington SyCip (Philippines), Founder, SGV Group; Founder, Asian Institute of Management
  • Horst Teltschik (Germany), Chairman, Teltschik Associates GmbH; former National Security Adviser of Germany
  • Jacob Wallenberg (Sweden), Chairman, Investor AB
  • Jusuf Wanandi (Indonesia), Senior Fellow, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta
  • Shirley V.T. Brittain Williams (United Kingdom), Member, House of Lords
  • Yuan Ming (China), Vice-Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University
  • Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de LeÛn (Mexico), Director, Center for the Study of Globalization, Yale University; former President of Mexico

Former Directors & Officers

The following is a historical roster of directors and officers as at 2009:[2]

Chairmen of the Board:

Chairman Emeritus:

Honorary Chairmen:

Vice Chairmen of the Board:

Honorary Vice Chairman:


President Emeritus:

Honorary Presidents:

Executive Vice Presidents:

Senior Vice Presidents:

Chief Financial Officer:

Vice Presidents:

Executive Directors:


Honorary Secretary:


Editors of Foreign Affairs:

Directors of Studies:

Directors of Meetings:


As the CFR currently has over 4,300 members, we have listed these on the following page: Council on Foreign Relations - Members

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