Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans

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June 2017. CT Alliance officers and executive board members. Bernie McKinnon, Corresponding Secretary Mary Elia, President Bette Marafino, Executive Vice President Win Heimer, Kevin Lynch, Jean Morningstar, Mary Ann Goggin, Recording Secretary Joelle Fishman, Marilyn Tyszka, Andrea Kaiser, Amelia Smith, Harold Purson, Treasurer Flo Martin.[1]

In 2011, Cal Bunnell, was President, Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans.[2]

2015 President Bette Marafino,[3]

In December 2014, leaders of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans were Joelle Fishman, Win Heimer, Bette Marafino, Ray Marafino, Mary Elia, Denise Lynch and Kevin M. Lynch in West Hartford, Connecticut. [4]

In 2012 Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans treasurer was Lois O'Connor.


Rick Carney, Bernie McKinnon, Kevin M. Lynch, Bill Meyerson, Ray Marafino, Kim Hynes, Andrea Kaiser, Nina Wolfson, Paul Venti, Art Perlo, Henry Lowendorf, Tom Connolly, Jennifer Kenny, Ruth Tulin Cion and Edie Fishman were also members.

Marilyn Tyszka, William Tyszka, Tammy Hetzel MacFadyen, Emanuel Gomez, Jimmy Pawlak, Kim Hynes, Carla Boland, Gloria Flahive Brown and Karen O'Connell, Timothy Boland, Sr., Keith Mullinar and Ray Elling, MaryAnn Goggin, Jan Schaffer, Andrea Kaiser and Joella Bouchard Mudry.