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Christopher Lasch was the author of "The Culture of Narcissism," "The Minimal Self" and other theoretical works on modern culture.

Christopher Lasch died in 1994 in Pittsford, N.Y. at age 61. The cause was cancer, said his wife Nell Commager, the daughter of Henry Steele Commager.

Body of Work

From Christopher Lasch's obituary from the New York Times:

"In his wide-ranging books and essays, Mr. Lasch offered a leftist analysis of industrial capitalism and its effects on American politics, social arrangements, modes of thought and personal psychology. As a counterpoise to the alienation and despair he saw as pervasive in American life, he proposed a progressive program that, paradoxically, relied heavily on the values of community, family and self-discipline."[1]

DSOC founding convention

The Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee founding convention Socialism'73 took place in New York City, October 12 and 13, 1973, at the Loeb Student Center, NY University and at the McAlpin Hotel.

Speakers included:


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