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Chase Iron Eyes is a Berniecrat, a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[1]

Our Revolution endorsement

Chase Iron Eyes was endorsed by Our Revolution, an organization run by former campaign workers and supporters of former socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[2]

MOP event

Over 70 Montanans from Baker to Missoula convened in Billings June 29-30 2012 for Montana Organizing Project's annual meeting “Uniting the Divides.” People from different religions, different geographies, different socio-economic backgrounds, and different ages were able to come together to talk about the common values they share as Montanans and their vision for a Fair and Just Economy in Montana that sustains the well being of ALL Montanans.

Keynote Speakers at the event were Pamela Chiang with the Center for Community Change who spoke about the role that community organizing plays in uniting divides. Chase Iron Eyes, attorney, activist, and author of spoke about the importance of racial justice in the West. He spoke about important role of coalitions coming together to address racial justice issues.[3]


REFUSE FASCISM is an anti-Trump project of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Initiators include (list in formation):