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Brian Kettenring is Community Organizer at ACORN and a past Deputy Director of National Operations at ACORN.

Committees of Correspondence Connection

In 1994 Brian Kettenring, Chicago was listed on a "Membership, Subscription and Mailing List" for the Chicago Committees of Correspondence, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA.[1]

National Leading From the Inside Out Alum

Brian Kettenring, Interim Director, Leadership Center for the Common Good, was a 2008 Rockwood Leadership Institute National Leading From the Inside Out Alum.[2]

"The 99% Spring"

Individuals and organizations supporting The 99% Spring, as of April 20, 2012, included Brian Kettenring - Leadership Center for the Common Good .[3]

National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board of the Working Families Organization is comprised of representatives from national progressive organizations and from each of our state organizations.

Board in January 2016;


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