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Robert Purdy (1920-2005) was a lifelong socialist and ardent Democratic Socialists of America member.[1]

American Youth for Democracy

The following officers and council members were elected at the June 1946 convention of the Communist Party USA youth wing American Youth for Democracy:

Michigan: Abel Lee Smith, Anabel Barahal, Rolf Cahn, John Gallo, Erma Henderson (State president), Bob Purdy, Phil Schatz, Robert Cummings (State secretary). [2]

Life of activism

An industrial worker in the auto industry Purdy eventually moved to Cuba and taught tool and die making. When he returned to the United States he taught machinists at the East Bay Skills Center and eventually taught engineers at Southern Illinois University. In retirement he took up video production and produced videos on Single Payer health care and worker ownership.

He was active in East Bay Democratic Socialists of America.[3]


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